‘Mad’ Moyo’s coup rantings draw fire

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‘Mad’ Moyo’s coup rantings draw fire Professor Jonathan Moyo

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Professor Jonathan Moyo

Professor Jonathan Moyo

Zvamaida Murwira Senior Reporter—
The Government led by President Mnangagwa is legitimate as it received overwhelming support from Zimbabweans and a cross section of the international community, Government and political analysts have said. They were reacting to attempts by former Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo to delegitimise the new administration allegedly because it was as a result of a “military coup”.

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Prof Moyo, whose whereabouts are still unknown since he skipped the border in November last year, said this during a BBC current affairs programme Hardtalk aired on Wednesday. In an interview with private commercial radio station Capitalk FM yesterday, Secretary for Media, Information and Broadcasting Services Mr George Charamba dismissed Prof Moyo’s unfounded assertions as the rantings of a bitter man.

He said the issue of legitimacy could not be determined by a “bitter Professor” but by Zimbabweans who thwarted a sinister plot by the G40 cabal to launch itself into power under pretences of defending former President, Cde Robert Mugabe.

“So really the issue of legitimacy or illegitimacy does not arise. You saw what happened at Zimbabwe Grounds; you saw what happened by way of an-across the political spectrum support. The action that had been mounted, mounted to avert a major crisis that was actually a creation by people like Jonathan Moyo. So really this is a bitter, bitter defeated politician who suffers from what the late Eddison Zvobgo would have called ‘power denial psychosis’,” said Mr Charamba.

He dismissed claims by Prof Moyo that Zimbabwe was now a banana republic. “I hope he can afford bananas wherever he stays. As a matter of fact, Sadc has given the thumbs up to what has happened here; the AU has given the thumbs up to what has happened here; the United Nations has given the thumbs up to what has happened here. Much more interesting, even the Pope sent a message of congratulation to the new President. So really which banana, which apple . . . ?” said Mr Charamba.

He said it was preposterous for Prof Moyo to attack the Zanu-PF Government over Gukurahundi disturbances of the early 1980s. “The fear which he recognises telescopically and has recognised from where, from Twitterland? The interesting thing is; at what point has he realised something called Gukurahundi? Only post-November? He was part of Government not just once, but twice, not just for one term but two long terms and interestingly the second time of his second coming was created by elections of 2013,” he said.

Mr Charamba rapped Prof Moyo saying he had no difficulty “with hobnobbing with outcomes that come from the very person he derides as long as he is in power”.

“But the moment he is out of power then he begins to see that they are wearing army uniforms, then he begins to see that there is something called Gukurahundi which he didn’t care about when he was part of Government.” MDC-T spokesman Mr Obert Gutu also dismissed claims that President Mnangagwa’s Government was illegitimate.

“All we can say is that the present Government led by President Mnangagwa has been recognised as Zimbabwe’s de facto and de jure Government by the international community that includes Sadc, AU and the UN,” said Mr Gutu.

Another political analyst, Mr Eldred Masunungure, concurred with Mr Charamba saying Prof Moyo’s comments could only come from a bitter man. “The issue of legitimacy was dealt with because the Chief Justice presided over the swearing-in of the new President and international bodies have approved the Government,” said Mr Masunungure.

Law lecturer in the United Kingdom Dr Alex Magaisa said arguments by Prof Moyo alleging that there was a coup were not sustainable since they had not been tested in a court of law. “There is even a High Court judgment which confirms that the military action was not unconstitutional and it has not been challenged,” said Dr Magaisa. Dr Magaisa said Prof Moyo was oblivious to the fact that many Zimbabweans were agreed that the removal of President Mugabe was necessary and justified.

“Many, it seems, have moved on but Moyo and others have not. Where Moyo and others seem to be out of touch is that most people are satisfied that Mugabe is gone and the methods by which he left power are of little consequence to them. In trying to defend the Mugabe regime, Moyo and his allies are fighting a losing cause and only a handful of people will give them attention,” he said.

“People regard this behaviour as flip-flopping and they are tired of duplicitous politicians who say one thing one day and say or do the complete opposite the next day. This is why, even if he and his supporters think he has legitimate points, they are all drowned in the perception that he cannot be trusted,” said Dr Magaisa.

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