Macheso’s welcome back home shows sold out Alick Macheso

Arts Correspondent

After starving his local fans while he was in South Africa, Alick Macheso returned home on a high note.

His gig in Dzivarasekwa on Saturday was oversubscribed to the extent that some fans failed to get into the 2 000-capacity venue after all tickets were sold out.

The sungura maestro was happy by the way he was welcomed by the people of Dzivarasekwa.

He said he saw Dzivarasekwa as his home because that was where he stayed when he left Shamva in the early 80s.

“I’m very happy to dine with my fans here at my home ground,” he said. “Dzivarasekwa is my home ground. When I left Shamva in the early 80s I settled here. That is where I got to know all about Harare, so when I’m here I feel like I’m  home.”

Prior to that Dzivarasekwa show, Macheso did another one on Friday in Epworth where he took time to dine with his former guitarist Lucky Mumiriki.

Macheso was happy to see his ex-guitarist, Mumiriki, looking strong and fully recovered from a mild stroke which he suffered in 2011.

Mumiriki appeared to the public when he joined his former boss on stage.

He was received with a warm welcome from the fans and many of them were chanting “Ngaadzoke, ngaadzoke” (let him come back to the band).

Macheso then said he was happy to see Mumiriki looking fit and strong after suffering the stroke which almost ended his shining career.

“I’m very happy to see Lucky walking fit and strong, I want to thank God who healed my colleague, I wish to see him ever stronger,” said Macheso to his fans.

Macheso reckons Mumiriki is a talented guitarist and one of the best in Zimbabwe.

“In Zimbabwe, I have worked with so many guitarists, but Mumiriki is one of the best, it is very painful to see a talented guy like him loafing,” he said. “So I will pledge to call him for some of my live shows so that he can walk back home with some money.”

Macheso said had no problem with any of his ex-band members and was there to help them, working with them when necessary.

Macheso’s manager, Tich Makahamadze, said the door was open for Mumiriki if he wanted to rejoin the Orchestra Mberikwazvo band.

In 2020, Mumiriki bounced back to the arts industry when he joined sungura artiste Joy Commander who fronted Boyz dze Nyombwe band, named after his home area in Mt Darwin.

With the Boyz dze Nyombwe band, things did not go as expected because the band was new in the game and eventually disbanded.

Mumiriki then decided to quit the band and pursue a solo career as a hustler.

“In 2020, I joined Boyz dze Nyombwe band which was led by Joy Commander and together we recorded two albums, but unfortunately things did not go as expected and the band collapsed,” he said. “This was because the band was new in the game, so it was very difficult for us to find sponsors.”

Mumiriki said he was open to joining Macheso if he was given the chance.

“I cannot say no if Macheso calls me back to his band. I’m open and enthusiastic to join him, if he calls me back,” he said.

“Most people here in Zimbabwe have a dream to be a part of Orchestra Mberikwazvo, so I cannot say no.”

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