Macheso speaks on band shake-up Alick Macheso
Alick Macheso

Alick Macheso

Godwin Muzari Arts Editor
Alick Macheso does not have kind words for recently-dismissed Orchestra Mberikwazvo trio and chances for their pleas for forgiveness to be heard are slim.

Guitarists Donald Gogo, Tafy Nyamunda and dancer Forward Antonio were last week axed for indiscipline and they have approached the band’s management seeking pardon.

In an interview at his Alema Studios this week, Macheso said the trio had exhibited gross negligence and there is no place for lazy people in his band.

“They are adults and they should know what they are supposed to do. They were not coming for rehearsals and would just want to jump onto the stage at shows without preparing with others.

“There is no way a soccer player can just pitch up for a match without going for training. How would they know the game plan? It is the same here. The guys would come without knowledge of what we had planned during practice. They felt they are more experienced and can do anything without going through proper process,” said Macheso.

He said it was a lesson to other band members that are still in the group. The musician said no band member is a permanent employee of Orchestra Mberikwazvo.

“The band members sign three-month renewable contracts and we can boot out anyone who fails to follow the way of the group.”

He was evasive on the fate of residential stands that the band members got from a scheme run by Orchestra Mberikwazvo, but it seems they will lose them.

“Other members that left the group last time went with benefits that they got from the band. When the likes of Joe (Kasamba) and Noel (Nyazanda) left the band we did not take away stands we had facilitated for them. They are staying at their properties right now.

“However, the current scheme is different. We got the current stands in a set-up that is similar to corporative arrangements and the band is paying in instalments. The dismissed members will have to pay on their own, but it might tarnish us if they fail. We are still considering steps to take in that area.”

The musician said there was no need for a replacement because the band is already big.

“We have a big group and in the current situation we are not looking for immediate replacements. We might get new members later. At the moment I will work with the remaining team.”

Macheso said he was working on a new album with his current team and Bothwell Nyamhondera will produce it.

“We have a good relationship with mudhara Nyamhondera and he has been coming here as an independent producer. He has done Faheem Somanje’s album here and he will work on our upcoming album. We have not discussed having him here permanently, but it will not be a problem if we decide to do so.”

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