Macheso finalises new album

Macheso finalises new album Alick Macheso
Alick Macheso

Alick Macheso

Tawanda Marwizi : Arts Correspondent

For almost four years sungura ace Alick Macheso did not give his fans a new project and his followers have been patiently waiting for upcoming release “Tsoka Dzerwendo”. Recently he announced that the album will be released on March 21 with a massive launch set for March 24 at the Harare International Conference Centre.In the last two weeks of recording, the studio was his home, he slept there and would only leave when going for shows.

He recounts how he went home one Sunday a few hours before a show at Extra Mile and his family requested him to stay with them for a few hours.

“It was few hours before the Extra Mile show when I went home and took my bath before I went for the show. I did not have time with them because I was rushing but everyone wanted me to stay longer,” he said.

When this writer arrived at his offices last week in Chitungwiza his wife Nyadzisai had come to see her husband.

“Vakutoita zvekuuya kuno nekuti mustudio ndimo mumba. I wanted to make sure that I give my fans the right product and I had to work hard to finalise the work,” said Macheso.

Macheso said he worked on the album as the singer and also as the producer of the project.

He said he only took a break last Thursday when everything was in order with the album “Tsoka Dzerwendo” ready for release.

Despite sweating to have the best, the Zimbabwe Red Cross Society humanitarian ambassador will dedicate a percentage of royalties to the needy.

“For every CD there is a percentage that will go to charity. I am hoping that Zimbabweans will understand that and buy the original CDs,” he said.

The album has six tracks “Baba”, “Kurarama Inyasha”, “Wandirangaridza”, “Munyaradzi”, “Gungwa” and “Mude Mude”.

The opening track “Baba” is a song in which a child challenges his father to take care of his family. The song has some chewa lines in which the musician emotionally begs a man to take care of his children.

“Kurarama Inyasha” is a gospel song that reminds people that God is in charge of everything.

The song that is tipped to be an all time hit, “Wandirangaridza”, talks about the resemblances that people have.

Stress is not healthy for people and whenever there are challenges they should pray to God who is the comforter as said in the song “Munyaradzi”.

As a norm the musician gives his guitarists time to showcase their talent in the song “Gungwa”. Lyrically rich, the song is likely to steal the hearts of many music lovers.

The last song, “Mude Mude”, encourages people to love their spouses as well as their jobs for the development of the country. The melody on the song makes it outstanding.

Macheso is confident that people will love his latest offering.

“My apologies for the late release but I am hopeful that people will love the album. I took my time to have the best product that will do justice to several social issues,” he said.

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