Luyanda Zwane to showcase two new characters on Showmax, Netflix Luyanda Zwane

Breakout star Luyanda Zwane is booked and busy since her portrayal of Vundlazi, Shaka’s (Lemogang Tsipa) love interest in Shaka iLembe.

Zwane remembers taking a leap of faith in 2021 by auditioning for her first-ever role as Lelo in canned telenovela Durban Gen.

Then Redemption followed.

Now, she has viewers glued to their screens as lead star in Mzansi Wethu’s new telenovela Sibongile & The Dlaminis.

Zwane will showcase two new characters on Showmax’s Outlaws and Netflix’s new series Miseducation — two series she believes will catapult her acting career to greater heights.

“I first met my passion for acting in high school, I was deeply involved in the world of dramatic arts, I used to do plays, and I’d enter drama competitions and musicals. I got the role of Lelo shortly after I completed my matric,” said the 21-year-old starlet from Umlazi, KwaZulu-Natal.

“Johannesburg is where you meet people who can make your dream a reality within a second. This city has a range of production houses and people are constantly creating magic — I knew I had to move here because I knew that the people around would fuel my hunger and drive to succeed.”

Zwane said playing recurring character Nomonde Gumede in Redemption is what has helped her hone her acting.

“I was mind-blown every day, I got to learn a lot as my character took shape regarding her storyline. Another thing I enjoyed was acting with people I used to watch growing up, which confirmed my purpose,” she said.

With three years into her budding character, she regards her character in Shaka iLembe as life-changing.

“Shaka iLembe was a big responsibility for me because I had to portray my character in her purest form, with deep authenticity and with an understanding that this person lived before.

“Acting as Vundlazi was me bringing her back to life in the real world, which was quite challenging yet eye-opening,” she said.

“Shooting the series with Bomb Productions opened a lot of doors for me. Being able to join the cast of a production that was so rich in culture and performance felt like a big hug from God.

“I’ve always wanted to work with this production house, so when it finally happened it all felt so unreal but very reassuring of God’s love for me.”

Zwane’s dream role is to play an agent in an action-packed movie or series.

“My future plans include exploring philanthropy and conducting seminars for young girls. I’d also like to be involved in charity drives and aiding young girls from underprivileged schools or backgrounds with sanitary pads. I want to extend my blessings and means to other people,” Zwane said. — Sowetan

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