Lukaku won’t leave Chelsea despite bombshell comments

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Lukaku won’t leave Chelsea despite bombshell comments Romelu Lukaku

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LONDON – Romelu Lukaku will not push for a move, despite the £97.5million striker revealing he is unhappy at English Premiership football club Chelsea.

Sources close to him say there is “zero” chance he will leave the European champions, while Thomas Tuchel is also adamant the 28-year-old wants to stay at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea’s manager plans talks with Lukaku after describing his comments in an interview with Sky Sport Italia as “unhelpful”.

He said: “We will do it behind closed doors. We will speak openly like I think the relationship is and always has been.

“Maybe we here can take the time to try to understand what’s going on. Because it does not reflect his daily work, it does not reflect his daily attitude, it does not reflect the daily behaviour which Romelu shows here at Cobham.”

It is understood the interview surprised even Lukaku’s representatives, with the forward saying: “Physically I am fine.

But I’m not happy with the situation at Chelsea. Tuchel has chosen to play with another system.

“I won’t give up, I’ll be professional. I am not happy with the situation, but I am professional – and I can’t give up now.”

Lukaku has also sensationally revealed Chelsea weren’t his first choice after deciding to leave Inter Milan in the summer.

The revelations come in the second part of his explosive interview with Sky Italy, having already hit out at Tuchel.

While the interview with the broadcaster was filmed over three weeks ago, its release in the last 24 hours ahead of their game with Liverpool tomorrow has not gone down well with Tuchel, who described it as ‘’noise we don’t need.’’

Now, the Belgian striker has sensationally revealed a return to Stamford Bridge in a club-record £97.5m only came about because he couldn’t get a move to Barcelona, Real Madrid or Bayern Munich.

‘’Last summer I went to talk to the Inter board and I asked for a new contract,’’ he said.

‘’I said: I’m 28, I wanted to plan my life in Italy with a new deal… but Inter said no. Maybe there wasn’t the economic possibility. For me it was difficult to accept.

‘’There are 3 teams at top level: Barcelona, Real, Bayern. All the players dream of them, that’s the truth. I thought I was going to one of those clubs after Inter.

‘’This didn’t happened and I said: there is only one club where I can imagine myself, it’s Chelsea.

‘’Last summer I didn’t think about going to Chelsea until they really came with an offer. Simone Inzaghi behaved very well with me.

‘’When Chelsea contacted me it was a challenge for me. Also because it bothered me a lot to have ever won Premier League titles in 8 years.

‘’It was hard to turn down the chance to return to the Premier League in the club I support since I was a child.’’

It comes at a time when Chelsea’s title challenge has come off the rails and Tuchel is facing his most testing spell in the job.

In response, the German said: “We don’t like it, of course, because it brings noise that we don’t need and is not helpful.

But on the other side, we don’t want to make more out of it than it actually is.- The Evening Standard

“You know very well how it is, it’s very easy to take lines out of context, to shorten lines to make headlines, then realise later it’s not so bad or what he meant. But let’s be honest, we don’t like it, because it’s noise we don’t need, we need a calm environment and focus. And it does not help.”

Tuchel added: “He is an experienced player and he should know what kind of value it has when he speaks out with messages like this.

“I don’t feel him unhappy. I feel the exact opposite. If you ask me yesterday morning, I would say I feel the exact opposite.

“That’s why I would say it’s a surprise, but I am the wrong person to ask.”

Lukaku has endured a difficult time since signing in a club record deal at the start of the season.

He suffered an ankle injury that kept him out for nearly two months and then contracted Covid just before Christmas.

But he has scored two goals in his last two games to suggest he is returning to form and fitness.

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