Long wait for Masvingo General Hospital Renal Unit opening

George Maponga in Masvingo

Kidney patients across Masvingo will have to wait a little bit longer before accessing a renal unit at Masvingo Provincial Hospital as red tape continues to delay its operationalisation.

The unit is equipped with dialysis machines procured from India by Government more than three years ago.

However, kidney patients are still unable to get help from the unit with previous plans to open it to suffering stillbirths over an array of reasons.

Patients now rely on the privately-owned Makurira Memorial Clinic which is expensive for most people amid concerns authorities at the provincial health referral institution were sleeping on duty.

The lack of affordable dialysis services at state-run hospitals is forcing patients to fork out a fortune to get treatment in cities like Harare and Bulawayo.

Provincial Medical Director Dr Amadeous Shamu conceded challenges in opening the renal unit at the Masvingo General Hospital.

He disclosed efforts were underway to contract a private company to service dialysis machines in the unit before they can be used.

Dr Shamu also lamented delays in opening the unit saying a spate of challenges was behind the situation.

Initially plans to open the unit were shelved after it emerged key components on the machines were missing amid suspicions of theft.

Kidney treatment remains out of reach for most ordinary Zimbabweans because of the costs of getting treatment.

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