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COVID-19: Cases rise to 160

Zimbabwe's confirmed Covid-19 cases rose to 160 yesterday after 11 cases tested positive.

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LOCKDOWN: Police intensify vetting of private vehicles

09 Apr, 2020 - 13:04 0 Views
LOCKDOWN: Police intensify vetting of private vehicles Traffic being turned away by police at a roadblock along the Harare-Chitungwiza road.

The Herald

Victor Maphosa Herald Correspondent
Police are now strictly vetting private vehicles seeking to get into Harare Central Business District at various check points.

The police is also asking motorists to produce letters showing that they are providing essential services. Several motorists whose letters could not satisfy the police turned away at the roadblocks visited by The Herald.

This comes as the law enforcement agents are enforcing the directive of a 21-day lockdown to combat the spread of Covid-19.

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