LOCKDOWN: Illegal Ecocash booths demolished in Chitungwiza Informal traders remove their makeshift Ecocash stalls at Chigovanyika in St Mary's

Blessings Chidakwa Municipal Correspondent
Sanity continues to prevail in Chitungwiza where the demolition exercise has now been extended to haphazard makeshift Ecocash booths and illegal tuckshops that had mushroomed in the town.

The Herald news crew this morning observed the informal traders operating from makeshift Ecocash stalls at Chigovanyika in St Mary’s  demolishing their workspaces.

It also observed the destruction of a nearby tuckshop opposite Chigovanyika complex which was operating as a wholesale. These had been initially left out on Monday following the mass demolitions that only targeted illegal structures erected by vendors.

However, the removal of illegal Ecocash stalls has further beautified Chitungwiza.

The demolitions which started on Monday come after Cabinet directed all local authorities to take advantage of the national lockdown to clean-up and renovate workspaces occupied by informal traders to improve their state ahead of the resumption of business.

In Chitungwiza the demolitions were first effected at Chigovanyika centre in St Marys where the informal sector were directed by council to destroy own stalls, a move which they complied to without any resistance.

At least 100 structures were demolished before the exercise cascaded down smoothly to other parts of the town.

In a recent interview over the demolitions taking place in the town, Chitungwiza acting town clerk Dr Tonderai Kasu said they were being guided by a Cabinet decision.

“We are in the process of implementing the directive as directed by Cabinet,” he said.

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