LOCKDOWN: Conventional bus operators can service local routes, Gvt

Nyore Madzianike Herald Reporter
Conventional bus operators with valid operating permits are eligible to ferry people from various locations to their respective working places, Government has said.

Clarifying on who qualifies to be a public transporter and has permission to transport people during the lockdown, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Mr Nick Mangwana said anyone in the transport business with a valid permit was eligible to transport people to and from their working places.

President Mnangagwa last Friday announced Level 2 of the national lockdown where he said public buses will only be the mode of transport.
Commuter omnibuses (kombis) and smaller taxis are not permitted to operate.

The President said bus operators should ensure that their buses are disinfected twice a day. Mr Mangwana said buses were, however, barred from ferrying people between cities.

His sentiments came at a time when ZUPCO buses are overwhelmed by the number of commuters reporting for duty at their working places.

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