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WANING opposition parties are desperate to gain political capital through false concoctions that Zanu PF spokesperson Cde Chris Mutsvangwa was recently in the United States when he was actually denied a visa.

Recently, Cde Mutsvangwa and his wife Monica Mutsvangwa, who is also the Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, were in Canada attending the graduation ceremony of their son.

However, oppositional forces tried to give an impression that the two were in the US.

They even used old photos of the couple to try to besmirch them in a move that political analyst Mr Goodson Nguni said was “desperate”.

“It is a lie that they were in the US. They were in Canada for their son’s graduation. The truth is Cde Mutsvangwa was actually denied a visa to the States.

“These falsehoods are being peddled by empty politicians who have nothing anymore to offer to the electorate.

“It is sad that Zanu PF currently has no opposition,” said Mr Nguni.

He said the torrentially brazen attacks on the Mutsvangwas are a demonstration that the Zanu PF spokesperson has made tremendous progress in championing the Revolutionary Party ideology and is also regarded by the West as a key player in bringing investors from China to Zimbabwe, since the time he served as an Ambassador in the Asian economic powerhouse.

During his recent visit to Canada, Cde Mutsvangwa travelled separately from his wife, contrary to what is being peddled in some Western-sponsored media outlets which have indelible anti-Zimbabwe footprints, both in their editorials and reportage.

It has since been established that the picture that is circulating on social media platforms was taken a long time ago, and only harvested by some papers for anti-national, anti-patriotic ends, sponsored by the country’s detractors.

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