Local cricket coaches impress English instructors

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Visiting English cricket instructors, have been impressed by the level of cricket knowledge exhibited by local participants of the recently held Level Two coaching course held in the capital. 

A total of 24 local coaches took part in the ECB Level Two cricket course which was conducted by English instructors, Tim Dellor and Phil Relf. 

Dellor revealed that they had been impressed by the level of cricket knowledge that had been exhibited by the local coaches. 

“We had 24 coaches in the group, and without exception, they were all excellent. 

“They came with great enthusiasm and they showed some great knowledge of the game and it helped us as we ended up doing things that are actually beyond what is typical of Level Two in terms of the content. 

“The group was terrific in the six days we were together and they worked hard during the time,” said Dellor. 

As part of the course, the participants did batting, fielding bowling and they also touched on off-the-field aspects of coaching. 

“It was a course that is designed to have coaches learn more about the game and help coaches coach a wide range of players from youngsters who are just starting on the game to decent players trying to break into good senior sides and it is helped coaches develop their skills,

“So we touched on batting, fielding, wicket-keeping spin and pace bowling and then we did organisational skills, leadership skills, communication skills, planning skills and other qualities you need to be a good coach while we also,” said. 

Dellor said that the country will stand to benefit from the coaching courses, which target grassroots cricket development. 

“I am hopeful that this course will help develop the game and the players that they work with. 

“If you get good coaching then there is a good opportunity for players to get better and get more players playing at a better level but if coaching is bad then cricket becomes a grim sport. 

“And if the coaching is good like what I saw last week t last week with the participants if we can get good coaches around Zimbabwe the pathway for the growth of the sport will be on the right trajectory,” said Dellor.

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