Loan boost for Chiweshe smallholder farmers


Daniel Chigunwe Bindura Correspondent
SMALLHOLDER farmers in Chiweshe have commended efforts by Agribank and Chicken Slice in empowering them by providing an $18 000 loan for production and ready market for their produce, respectively. Business is flourishing at Negomo Irrigation Scheme following the signing of the agreement between the bank and farmers which has provided much-needed capital for smallholder farmers to initiate profitable projects.

The loan deal that was initiated sometime in December last year came after Chicken Slice had undertaken to provide the farmers with a market for their produce.

“We came first before Agribank and signed a deal with the local farmers in which we agreed to offer them a market to buy 90 percent of the potatoes and 10 percent of cucumbers, lettuce and dried onions,” said a Chicken Slice farming relations officer while confirming the signing of the agreement.

Agribank’s Mvurwi branch officials also confirmed the signing of the loan while Negomo Irrigation Scheme secretary-general Mr Robson Gatsi expressed gratitude to the two companies.

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