Lloyd Tevedzai releases second album


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Talented gospel artiste Lloyd Tevedzai has released his second album, titled “Munoshamisa”. The rising gospel crooner’s latest offering also features the voices of Patience Masiyambiri and Sharon Manyonganise, who are upcoming gospel musicians. The 25-year-old musician said he named his latest eight-track album “Munoshamisa” because of what God has done in his life.
“My music is inspired by my background. I grew up as an orphan with my relatives abandoning me and was it not for the Almighty maybe I could be in the streets, a reason that inspired the title of my second album Munoshamisa,” said Tevedzai.
“As for now God has put me in safe hands of Elder Makuvaza and his family are taking care of everything that I need.
Some of the tracks on the album include “Ngatikunde Tiende”, “Makandichengeta” featuring Masiyambiri,  “Tirivana VaMwari,” Tinoenda Kure”, “Tichazofanana Naye” featuring Manyonganise, and the hymn “Munoshamisa” which is the title track.
The album opens with the track “Ngatikunde Tiende”, which encourages fellow Christians to be strong and desist from things that may interfere with their Christianity,” said Tevedzai.
Some of the lyrics on the song go thus “. . . Ngatikunde tiende kudenga kuna Mwari baba, Huwori hwazara, Chiwoko muhomwe, Kunyeya, iwe kunda tiende kudenga”
“Makandichengeta” features Masiyambiri and the track pays tribute to the wonderful acts of the Almighty for safeguarding him jealously against life’s hardships.
“I featured Masayambiri on this track to have a gender balance. I sang the male part, while Masiyambiri fused in with her voice,” said Tevedzai.
The title track “Munoshamisa” is a prayer song that Tevedzai composed because of God’s contribution in his life.
“This title track, like I stated earlier, is a prayer song where I am thanking the Almighty for his presence in my life,” he said.
The album closes with a song titled “I Miss You Mama”, which is a dedication to his late mother.
After listening to Tevedzai’s music one can easily tell that the young artiste is heavily influenced by Kudzi Nyakudya and South African gospel diva Lundi Tymara because he sounds exactly like both of them.
Tevedzai conceded that these artistes have been very influential in shaping his career as a musician.
“I was inspired by Tymara, Nyakudya and later on by Sabastian Magacha. But much of my inspiration has come from Lundi (Tymara), that is why my music has this South African feel to it.
“I grew up listening to his music. I often told myself that one day I would be like them,” he added.
Tevedzai started singing while in primary school in 1994 at Chimedza Primary in Zaka right up to his high school days at Masvingo Day Secondary.
“I grew up with a passion for music and after school, I then took my demos to some recording companies, who unfortunately turned them down until Diamond Studios signed me for my first project,” he narrated.
Tevedzai has featured and shared the stage with many renowned artistes who include Magacha, Olinda Marowa, Blessing Shumba, Machanic Manyeruke and Nyakudya.
He has also performed in different countries and will soon be touring UK.
At the age of 25, the young musician has managed to come up with two good albums with an international appeal, something that many artistes are failing to do.
Tevedzai’s album was produced by two of the best Zimbabwean award-winning producers — Macdonald Chidavaenzi, the founder owner of Eternity Productions; and Joseph Madziyire, of Extol Media.
Born on March 14 1987,  in Chiredzi, Tevedzai grew up in Ndanga.

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