Nesia Mhaka Herald Correspondent
Livestock farmers in the drought-stricken Mbire area in Mashonaland Central Province have appealed to Government for urgent intervention to save their livestock.

Grazing pastures have been exhausted, while water bodies are drying up in most parts of the area, leaving animals, both wild and domestic, fighting for survival.

The Herald visited the area last week and witnessed the dire situation.

Livestock farmer Mr Moses Mapure said there was need for urgent Government intervention to avert a catastrophic situation.

“Our livestock face the risk of being wiped out by drought if no Government mitigatory measures are to put in place to avert the situation,” he said.

“As livestock farmers, this year was not favourable for us in terms of rainfall received and we foresee a disaster if mitigatory measures are not put in place.

“We really need Government’s intervention to alleviate the situation.”

Other livestock farmers complained over the continuous price increases of livestock feeds.

“It is a severe drought, instead of us carrying food for the people, we are carrying grass,” said one of the farmers.

“According to the situation on the ground, if no alternative measures are put in place to avert the situation, we are likely to lose about 80 percent of our livestock.”

The drought being experienced in most parts of Mashonaland Central region has forced farmers to rely on the expensive stockfeeds and purchasing of grass from other areas at high prices.

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