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23 Aug, 2019 - 14:08 0 Views
LIVE-ZIMBABWE AGRICULTURAL SHOW OFFICIAL OPENING President Mnangagwa is expected to deliver officially open the Zimbabwe Agricultural Show

The Herald

1500: The President is now handing over awards to the exhibitors. That concludes our updates. Thank you for joining us.

1450: President Mnangagwa says Government is putting in place conducive policies for the success of agricultural investments.

“We can’t afford to rest and work should be done…..agriculture should be a success going into the future,”

He declares the show officially opened.

1445: He says collaboration should continue around innovation.

“Government has availed resources for a successful 2019/20 season. Farmers under Command Agriculture will continue to receive timely support…input providers to avail affordable inputs,”

He adds that he observed significant strides made in agriculture from his tour of the exhibition stands. The President encouraged the use of water harvesting technologies and irrigation.

1443: President Mnangagwa encourages beneficiaries of land reform to improve productivity and feed the nation and also export. He says the land reform programme was to empower indigenous people who should now maximise productivity.

“We cannot afford to have idle land…captains of industry should support agriculture and its value chains as agriculture remains the backbone of the economy,”

1442: The President calls players in the agricultural sector to come up with innovative ways to boost productivity. He also urged the manufacturing sector to take advantage of the vast opportunities along the agricultural value chain and provide enough inputs for production.

1441: He says this year’s theme resonates with the country’s thrust of industrialisation. The theme promotes use of modern technologies that inspire growth.

1439: President Mnangagwa says it is pleasing that the show not only shows the agricultural value chain but also the linkages agricultural has with other industries like mining.

1437: The President is now on the podium.

President Mnangagwa addresses the 109th Zimbabwe Agricultural Show

1433: Mr Kudenga says the show provides a platform to highlight and market products and services to over 250 000 people. He has invited President Mnangagwa to address the gathering.

1429: He says the agricultural industry must grow at the rate of 10 percent annually in order to achieve Vision 2030. Mr Kudenga says the space taken by exhibitors is growing with each passing year.

1426: The President of the Zimbabwe Agricultural Society Mr Ngoni Kudenga is now giving his welcome remarks.

1418: The Guard of Honour is now leaving the arena.

1415: The National Anthem is now being sung.

1350: The President is now inspecting the Guard of Honour.

1345: President Mnangagwa has arrived.

1340: Vice President Mohadi has arrived

1338: Service chiefs have arrived in the arena.

1330: We are at the Glamis Arena at the Exhibition Park for official opening of the Zimbabwe Agricultural Show

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