LIVE UPDATES: Zanu-PF 6th National People’s Congress (2 – 7 December 2014)

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LIVE UPDATES: Zanu-PF 6th National People’s Congress (2 – 7 December 2014)

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By Kuda Bwititi, Llyod Gumbo, Itai Mazire, Lincon Towindo and Prosper Dembedza

20:05 S.K. Moyo announces that provincial chairmen have to make plans to ensure that delegate collects his/her 5kg bag. This maize seed is not for provincial chairmen. He then requests delegates to sing the national anthem to mark the end of formal proceedings.

20:03 Thank You, Tatenda, Siyabonga, says President Mugabe as he ends his speech.

20:00 President Mugabe leads delegates in reciting the VP John Landa Nkomo’s favourite peace brokering lines.Unity begins me, Unity begins with you, Unity begins with all of us. Peace begins with me, Peace beings with you, Peace beings with all of us. Love begins with me, Love begins with you, Love begins with all of us.

19:58 I would also want to warn those in the Central Committee. If you are going to be chosen to the Politburo, drop this nonsense about these are my people. I want you to learn of the troubles we have heard. Trouble iyi yatiparadzanisa nanaMai Mujuru.

19:55 I still have a bright mind, I still have will. I know our history more than you do. I know the wishes of those heroes who lie at the heroes and those who lie elsewhere more than you do. I know the wishes of the chiefs, dead and alive.

1950 I want to thank you. Nguva yaenda. Tomorrow we are laying to rest our heroe, Cde Lloyd Kotsho Dube. He went for the organisation starting from zapu, when we formed Unity and we posted him to various countries as Ambassador.

19:45 We will do a reshuffle. There shall be disappointments. We will try to avoid nyaya dzemaFactions and some of those who were engaged in factionalism, hmmm.

19:40 President Mugabe has blasted leaders with loose morals. There are some leaders who were in the Politburo and Central Committee who are of loose morals but they are no match to Morgan Tsvangirai. Maybe vakatemerwa nyora dzacho. So, I don’t want to rush into making appointments

19:33 He says Rhodes travelled across Africa and chose to be buried in Zimbabwe, Matopo area. When the country gained independence, people wanted to exhume his body but I said no, let him pay tax for he never paid his tax when he was alive. I told the guys to tell Britain to come and see their son but when they get to Matopo, they have to pay to see his grave. Yes, we use part of the payments to look after Rhodes’ grave. We cannot take your money to maintain Rhodes’ grave. He says Rhodes was not pro-Africa. He left 7 million pounds and gave it to Oxford to give Scholars but no African scholar has benefited. Gaddafi formed alliance with British, and we told them that they want to access the strength of your army but he did not listen.

19:10 Commissariat seemed not to know what to do. I will look at Central Committee and look at hands on people who will make it to the Politburo. Those who are not here have said goodbye to us. We are not sending them away, except those we have expelled. We just got them out of the management of the party. They have become ordinary member and will have more time to farm potatoes. But if they want to be members of the party, they will have to learn what the party stands for. Do you know Zanu PF’s origins?

18:55 President Mugabe now giving his closing remarks. He expresses gratitude to the way people have conducted themselves during the congress. He says not everyone could have made it to the Central Committee and says people chose those they thought can take the party forward

18:52 The newly constituted central committee shall be meeting next week and Cde Mnangagwa has highlighted to delegates that he shall present this report to them.

18:50 S.K Moyo calls on Cde Mnangagwa to present congress resolutions. Cde Mnangagwa takes to the podium and denounces betrayers.

18:45 S.K Moyo requests delegates to endorse central committee members by acclamation. He also announces that First Lady has given each delegate 5Kgs maize seed.

18:34 S.K Moyo announces 10 members appointed by the President inline with the Zanu PF constitution. These are Cdes Supa Mandiwanzira, Cde Togarepi, Guy Gorgias, Cde Mudhomeni Chivende, Cde Absolom Sikhosana, Dr Sikhanyiso Ndlovu, Cde Charles Tavengwa, Cde Walter Mzembi, Cde Josephine Gandiya, Cde Simbarashe Mumbengegwi.

18:20 Midlands Province Central Committee Members – Cdes Emmerson Mnangagwa, Max Zvidzai, Wellignton Magura, Joram Gumbo. July Moyo, Larry Mavhima, Daniel Mackenzie Ncube, Leornard Chikomba, Emmanuel Pfunira, Timothy Muri, Auxilia Mnangagwa, Tsitsi Muzenda, Tongai Sithole among others. Cde Francis Nhema, Cde Simbarashe Mumbengegwi and Fred Moyo miss out from the province.

18:15 Mat South Central Committee Members – Cdes Kembo Mohadi, Aaron Maboyi, Abednico Ncube, Patrick Hove, Naison Khutshwekhaya Ndlovu, Nicholas Nkomo, Simon Khaya Moyo, Richard M. Ndlovu, Richmond Moyo, Rose Mpofu, Elizabeth Ndiweni among others. Cde Andrew Langa is one notable figure missing on the central committee lists

18:10 Mat North Central Committee Members – Cdes Obert Mpofu, Lot Mbambo, Professor Jonathan Moyo, Clifford Sibanda, Richard Moyo, Cde Cain Mathema, Wilson Tshuma, Headman Moyo, Alois Ndebele, Joshua Mzamba, Adv Jacob Mudenda, Fati Mpofu, Alice Dube, Sikhanyisiwe Mpofu, Rebecca Fanuel among others

18:05 Masvingo Central Committee Members – Cdes Kennedy Matimba, Josiah Hungwe, Paul Mangwana, Titus Maluleke, Jimmy Mahiya, Abraham Sithole, Lovemore Matunge, Ezekiah Magweba, Webster Mozara, Tafadzwa Shumba, Rtd Gen Chineka, Vincent Mawere, Nyasha Gavaza among others. Cde Dzikamai Mavhaire misses out.

18:00 Mash East – Cdes Pardington Zhanda, Charles Mubaiwa, Sydney Sekeramayi, David Parirenyatwa, Joel Biggie Matiza among others.

17:55 Manicaland Province Central Committee Members – Cdes Patrick Chinamasa, Oppah Muchinguri, Joseph Made, Monica Mutsvangwa, Joseph Chinotimba among others

17:50 Harare Province Central Committee Members -Lloyd Bhunu, Andy Mhlanya, Patrick Nyaruwata, Rtd Breg Hurungudo, Sabina Tembani, Evermary Mahwa, Justice Zvandasara, Susan Madziva, Last Mbizvo, Betty Mutero. Innocent Hamandishe, Oliver Chidhawu

17:44 Bulawayo Province Central Committee Members -Cde Tshinga Dube, Cde Emmanuel Kanjoma, Cde Annah Moyo, Cde Godfery Malaba, Cde Joseph Tshuma, Cde Killian Sibanda, Cde Elderman David Ndlovu, Cde Joshua Malinga, Cde Charles Chiponda, Cde Phelekezela Mphoko, Cde Violet Ncube, Cde Ottilia Mangoye, Cde Canasiah Satiya among others.

17:41 Now its time for the announcement of Youth central committee members. Among them is Cde Kudzai Chipanga, Cde Tongai Kasukuwere, Cde Mpehlabayo Malinga and Cde Annastacia Ndlovu. Cde S.K. Moyo requests Cde Chipanga to lead the youths to shake hands with President Mugabe.

17:39 He tells new central committee members to shake hands with President Mugabe.

17:35 S.K Moyo now announcing Women Central Committee Members and among them is Cde Eunice Sandi Moyo, Cde Chinamona Mahofa

17:15 Dr Mugabe pays tribute to the Youth League. She ends her address with ‘Pasi NeGamatox’ slogan and adds, STOP IT! She takes the MIC to join the POLICE BAND as delegates chant YES, YES, YES.

First Lady and Zanu-PF secretary for Women's League Amai Grace Mugabe makes her maiden speech in her position as she responds to her appointment by President Mugabe (pic by Lloyd Gumbo)

First Lady and Zanu-PF secretary for Women’s League Amai Grace Mugabe makes her maiden speech in her position as she responds to her appointment by President Mugabe (pic by Lloyd Gumbo)

17:08 First Lady turns to her prepared speech and pays tribute to Cde Muchinguri and describes her as a true REVOLUTIONARY. She thanks the people for backing her nomination and commits to working for the people. She outlines her plans to support women and to fight factionalism.

17:03 Dr Mugabe accused VP Mujuru of being the architect of Bhora Musango in 2008. ‘I liken those who were part of BHORA MUSANGO to zvituta. Mai Mujuru started a fight with me by telling people to embarrass me. We knew her shenanigans from way back thus we were exposing her but there is worseto expose.’

16:58  She tells delegates that Amai Sally Mugabe was also once a Secretary for Women’s League but when she (Dr Mugabe) was nominated, VP Mujuru went berserk. She said, Pembe yapihwa benzi meaning that she regarded me as a fool. I blew the whistle on her. I warned her but she did not take heed. War credentials on their own do not allow to divide the party and be so corrupt. – Dr Mugabe.

President Mugabe congratulates First Lady Amai Grace after constitutionally approving her nomination as Women's League secretary (pic by Lloyd Gumbo)

President Mugabe congratulates First Lady Amai Grace after constitutionally approving her nomination as Women’s League secretary (pic by Lloyd Gumbo)

16:52 President asks First Lady to stand and he endorses her as Secretary for Women’s League. First Ladies prepares to make her maiden speech.

16:49 S.K Moyo tell delegates that his powers have been dissolved and is only now only doing a special caretaker chairman. He asks President to endorse to the First Lady.

16:46 President ends his address and informs delegates to prepare for Central Committee announcement.

16:40  President dissolves the Central Committee. ‘All those who had powers in the central no longer have any powers. Those who will be selected should be deserving.

16:36 Obama has been a failure in terms of what Africa expects. America wants to teach us democracy but there are more blacks in their jails than in their Universities. As for Britain, we taught them democracy but the want to keep me and my wife on sanctions.

President Mugabe addressing congress delegates (pic by Lloyd Gumbo)

President Mugabe addressing congress delegates (pic by Lloyd Gumbo)

16:33 People here are a calculating people. They joined us in the struggle to defeat the enemy. The number of people who died is thousands. Ian Smith would send his bombs. In Chimoio alone we had two camps that were bombed. Innocent people died.

16:27 Mujuru should have come for elections. Mujuru was free to come for the congress. We never blocked her. She is at her home as we speak. Let us be peaceful people. – President Mugabe.

16:20 President Mugabe has told delegates that Cde Muchinguri is one of the women who approached him and called for the elevation of VP Mujuru. However, Mujuru became too hungry for power and would consult n’angas seeking to land the top post. She became too close to erstwhile enermies who colonised us, he said.

16:13 Dr Joshua Nkomo said unity begins with me, with you and with all of us. Let us practice this. We must love each other. Hatidi huipi. We people act contrary to rules of the party in order to assume power, we say NO. We fought Ian Smith and even exhumations continue till today. George Rutanhire took Joice to war when she was a young woman. Joice met Mujuru. Mujuru aiva nevakasikana vakawanda. Joice would complain about this. Zvevakadzi izvi ndizvo zvaive zvake. – President Mugabe.

16:09 Listen to the people when they sing and say their choice. I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you. I know I am not greater than people. As a leader, I am your servant. I can only lead the struggle. ZimAsset will give you better lives but you should be educated. – President Mugabe.

16:02 We must treasure and take care of Zimbabwe. We must give a fortress against our enemy. We treasure this home because yesterday they came from Britain and made us subjects. The British taught us religion. Together we have to protect this land so that it does not become a colony again. – President Mugabe.

15:56 We all come from the people. It is the people of Zimbabwe that must guide us as leaders. We should know what their likes are and what we can do as their leaders to raise their standards of living. Zimbabwe is just one, bound together by the fact of being Zimbabwean. – President Mugabe.

15:53 President Mugabe takes to the podium and thanks the people for voting for him. The crowd shouts we love you and The President reciprocates.

15:50 S.K. Moyo asks President to dissolve the Central Committee

15:48 The positions held by individuals in Zanu PF belong to the people. All the positions are now open. Whatever position you held, if you did not perfom well, do some introspection and if you did well, you will enter the kingdom, says S.K. Moyo.

15:44 Tumultous atmosphere as President Mugabe is emphatically endorsed as President and First Secretary of Zanu PF. Cde S.K. Moyo calls eccentric delegates to order saying he has an important announcement before announcing that the endorsement is revolutionary.

Delegates follow proceedings at the ongoing Zanu PF 6th National People's Congress

Delegates follow proceedings at the ongoing Zanu PF 6th National People’s Congress

15:33 Cde Muchinguri takes to the podium to second the motion and she chants, ‘Pasi NeGamatox.’ Cde S.K. Moyo asks the house to endorse President Mugabe by acclamation. The house roars into thunder and dance ‘Musaputse Sungano.’

15:28 Cde Mnangagwa is called to the front to move the motion of endorsing President Mugabe. He describes President Mugabe as a man without a parallel.

15:22 S.K. Moyo moves to the next item which is the endorsement of President Mugabe and delegates erupt into song, ‘VaMugabe ndimi moga Baba.’ President stands as ‘YES’ chants fill the venue. Cde S.K. Moyo thanks delegates and plead with them to be quiet and allow the process to be done legally.

15:16 There shall be a new nine member commission to deal with Zanu PF elections. Cde Mnangagwa asks the congress to ratify the amendments and house ratifies them by acclamation.

14:58 He reads the preamble which puts emphasis on African values and unity in the party. The new amendments also emphasises vision for the party, Central Committee will have 300 members, the two vice presidents shall be appointed by the President and so will be the National Chairman of the party. The President shall appoint the Politburo. Party members guilty of corruption shall be liable to discipline by their organ and any member who gets a vote of no confidence will be suspended or expelled from the party.

14:54 Secretary for Legal Affairs, Cde Mnangagwa gets loud cheers and he moves to the podium. He chants the slogan, ‘Pasi neMhandu’ and it ignites delegates. Cde Mnangagwa is presenting on proposed amendments to the constitution and explains that there will be new amendments.

14:51 Cde Sikhosana ends his presentation after murmurs from the crowd that it is too long and Cde S.K. Moyo announces that foreign dignitaries will be allowed to greet the President.

14:41 Some of the resolutions that have been read by Cde Sikhosana include endorsement of President Mugabe as sole candidate for 2018 elections. Youths also commend President Mugabe for 2013 appointment of youths to parastatals much to the displeasure of the Ministry of Youth.

14:32 The congress adopts the resolutions presented by Cde Muchinguri and Cde S.K Moyo invites the Secretary for Youth League to present youth league conference resolutions.

14:27 Women also endorse President Mugabe as Zanu PF candidate for 2018 election and also the elevation of Dr Mugabe. They also congratulate President Mugabe for assuming the post of SADC Chairmanship.

14:18 Women’s League conference among other things recommend that the Party stops man from interfering with the affairs of women’s leage and also punish those who engage in factionalism. Women also resolve that the Party’s constitution be re-aligned and that the party be sensitive to the needs of women, the elderly and the disabled. Women also recommend that government scraps off maternity fees for women. Government should build clinics in resettlement areas and that Value Added Tax and Duty be scrapped on sanitary ware.

Delegates follow proceedings at Robert Mugabe Square (pic by Lloyd Gumbo)

Delegates follow proceedings at Robert Mugabe Square (pic by Lloyd Gumbo)

14:13 The crowd cheers at at outgoing Secretary for Women’s League, Cde Oppah Muchinguri as she takes to the podium to present W/L’s resolutions.

14:07 Cde Douglas Mombeshora presents on Land and Land Reform and says Government should dissolve some and recommends that government the ONE FARM ONE MAN POLICY. Cde Mombeshora presentation brings to an end the reports.

13:57 Cde Walter Chidhakwa presents on value addition and beneficiation. He tells delegates that other African countries acknowledge steps being taken by Zimbabwe in Value.

13:44 He speaks on various infrastructure projects which are being undertaken across the country like Plumtree border post, Harare – Mutare highway dualisation, Nyamapanda border post, Beitbridge border post, Bulawayo – Tsholotsho, Beitbridge – Tsholotsho, Kariba Power expansion, Tokwe – Mukosi Dam, Gwai-Shangani, Mtshabezi pipeline and Harare water supply.

13:41  Dr Obert Mpofu takes to the podium to present on Infrastructure and Utilities. He denounces Gamatox and 10% in apparent reference to VP Mujuru who allegedly demanded 10% bribes from companies.

13:39 Cde Nyoni’s presentation touches programmes to create new jobs and embark on small and medium scale enterprising.

13:31 Dr Made wraps up his speech to pave way for Cde Sithembiso Nyoni who was chairing a Social Services and Poverty reduction committee.

13:25 He also recommends that Government reconsiders the installation of prepaid electricity meters to farmers arguing that farmers do not have money to pay for electricity before selling crops. Dr Made also recommends that a new dam be constructed for Save and Chisumbanje.

13:22 Cde Made urges more financial support for farmers. He also warns companies and individuals against duping people in the name of the party.

13:17 The party also recommends the introduction of NATIONAL YOUTH SERVICE. Cde Mudenda has finished his presentation and we move to STATE OF THE ECONOMY REPORT ON FOOD AND NUTRITION to be presented by Dr Joseph Made.

13:10 Cde Mudenda says the the first recommendation is to endorse President Mugabe as their presidential candidate for 2018 elections. The party also resolved to support the nomination of the First Lady to the Politburo and also increase war veterans benefits.

13:06 Zanu PF National Chairman invites delegates to make 10 minutes presentations to save time. He invites Cde Jacob Mudenda to present on the State of the Party

President Mugabe and First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe at the high table (pic by Lloyd Gumbo)

President Mugabe and First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe at the high table (pic by Lloyd Gumbo)

13:04 S.K Moyo invites First Family and delegates to take their seats. The National Chairman apologises for delayed start and poor air-condition.

President Mugabe and First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe arrive in the main auditorium (pic by Lloyd Gumbo)

President Mugabe and First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe arrive in the main auditorium (pic by Lloyd Gumbo)

13:00 President Mugabe arrives at the venue accompanied by the First Lady, Dr Grace Mugabe  and delegates erupt into song, ‘Musaputse Sungano’ as the first family waves to the ecstatic crowd.

12:54 National Chairman S.K Moyo arrives here at Robert Mugabe Square accompanied by Secretary for Legal Affairs, Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa. S.K. Moyo takes to the podium and chants party slogan.

12:39 Suluman Chimbetu now on stage alongside the Police Band. He belts the hit song Sean Timba getting delegates on their feet

12:34 A primary school pupil is now on stage unpacking ZimAsset. The announcer tells delegates that the pupil has been enrolled at Grace Mugabe School in Mazowe by the First Lady.

12:26 Spasms of delirium erupt among delegates as Cde Chinx plays the song ‘Hondo yeminda.’

12:14 Cde Chinx Chingaira is entertaining delegates with his band and is playing songs from the liberation struggle

12:10 Cde Dzikamai Mavhaire, one of the Cabinet Ministers linked to VP Mujuru has arrived here at Robert Mugabe Grounds and takes his seat among other politburo members

Delegates throng the main auditorium (pic by Lloyd Gumbo)

Delegates throng the main auditorium (pic by Lloyd Gumbo)

11:30 Police band now entertaining the crowd here at Robert Mugabe Grounds.

Cde Oppah Muchinguri chats to Cdes Simbarashe Mumbengegwi and David Parirenyatwa while Cdes Olivia Muchena and Herbert Murerwa look on (pic by Lloyd Gumbo)

Cde Oppah Muchinguri chats to Cdes Simbarashe Mumbengegwi and David Parirenyatwa while Cdes Olivia Muchena and Herbert Murerwa look on (pic by Lloyd Gumbo)

11:20 President Mugabe will arrive here any moment from now. Party members are seen here forming up a line to welcome him.

Party cadres line to welcome President Mugabe when he arrives

Party cadres line to welcome President Mugabe when he arrives

11:00 Delegates are trickling in and the venue is almost packed now for the final day of the Zanu PF Sixth National People’s Congress.

Politburo members Cdes Sydney Sekeramayi and Ignatius Chombo chat to Chief's Council president Chief Fortune Charumbira and his deputy Chief Mtshane

Politburo members Cdes Sydney Sekeramayi and Ignatius Chombo chat to Chief’s Council president Chief Fortune Charumbira and his deputy Chief Mtshane

10:56 Party women from Matabeleland sing ‘Sihamba lomama, Sihamba loDokotela.’

Zanu PF members dancing

Zanu PF members dancing

10:52 Zanu PF Women break into song, ‘Mujuru sorry waruza’ as they wait for the arrival of the President.

Politburo members await President Mugabe's arrival (pic by Lloyd Gumbo)

Politburo members await President Mugabe’s arrival (pic by Lloyd Gumbo)

10:50 ZANU PF Politburo Members are milling around waiting for the arrival of President Mugabe who is also First Secretary of the party.

DAY 5: Zanu-PF 6th National People’s Congress

People break into song and dance singing VaMugabe havabve as they leave the marque.

15:25 Foreign sister organisations have finished delivering their solidarity messages and delegates break for lunch. Local sister organisations will deliver their messages tomorrow, Zanu PF National Chairman has announced.

15:18 December 12 Movement Solidarity message: They congratulate the endorsement of the First Lady to lead the Women’s League and say they will always be with Zimbabwe as they have continued since 1972. They declare that Zimbabwe will nenver be a colony again and is a country for Zimbabweans.

Mugabes15:01 Cuba Communist Party: The Cuban people convey solidarity message on the occasion of the congress adding that the two countries share the same challenges of sanctions imposed by the West and its allies.

14:57 Sudan says Zimbabwe will always prosper under the leadership of Presdient Mugabe.

14:53 South Sudan Liberation Movement solidarity message: The president congratulates Zanu PF for the 6th National People Congress. African liberation movements supported our leader and it is through this solidarity that South Sudan got independence in July 2011. We are truly grateful for that.

14:45 DPRD official from Democratic Republic of Congo solidarity message. The official says the DPRD appreciates the honour and privilege of being invited to the congress. This indication is a strong signal of the strong ties that exist between Zimbabwe and DPRD as well as Zanu PF and DPRD. We take this opportunity presented to us by the congress to congratulate the people of Zimbabwe and especially president Mugabe for unity. The ideological line of Zanu PF encourages nations to be masters of their own destiny. Thanks ZANU PF for the invitation.

14:35  Nangolo Mbumba, Swapo Secretary General conveys SWAPO solidarity message – We are aware of deliberate and well orchestrated events meant to destabilise cohesion among revolutionary parties in the region. There is therefore need for sister parties to close ranks and thwart the obnoxious move. SWAPO salutes Zanu PF and wishes the party well and does not doubt that after the congress, the party will emerge stronger and forge ahead in pursuit of the implementation of ZimAsset. ‘Pamberi neZanu PF, Phambili leZanu PF,’ as he wraps his message.

14:29 He tells delegates that the ANC shares deep links with Zanu PF and were together in the trenches fighting colonial masters. He adds that the ANC wishes ZANU PF wisdom to take the country forward and stimulate economic growth and success.

14:26 The National Chairman now invites Dr Zweli Mkhize, the treasurer general of ANC Africa to give his party’s solidarity message

congress14:20 National Chairman informs delegates that the venue, Harare Civic Grounds has been renamed Robert Mugabe Grounds and four roads have been renamed Dr Grace Mugabe, Dr Simon Vengesai Muzenda, Dr Joshua Muqabuko Nkomo and ZimAsset respectively. He also expressed gratitude for the food (rice, mealie-meal, beef and sausages donated by the first family to the congress.

14:07 Zanu PF delegates break into song and dance as they belt popular rendition, ‘Musaputse Sungano’. President Mugabe, Dr Grace Mugabe, Cde Edna Madzongwe and Professor Moyo are dancing too

14:04 Cde Mudenda calls upon the Chairman of Bulawayo Province to move the motion to take note of the Key Note Address and accept the report presented by President and First Secretary of Zanu PF. The Chairman of Midlands Province seconds the motion.

 13:58 He praises President Mugabe for teaching them good leadership that they should be honest and truthful leaders who have unity of purpose through self introspection. He assures the President that God will fight his battles and wishes the first family long life. ‘Long Live President Mugabe, Long Live Mother of the Nation, Dr Mugabe,’ he says.

dhanzi13:55 Congress delegates break into song and dance as President Mugabe leaves the podium to take up his seat. Cde Jacob Mudenda now addressing the gathering and chants ‘DOWN WITH REBELS.’

13:53 He hands over the Central Committee report to delegates before thanking attendees for coming. ‘Pamberi nekubatana, Phambili lokubambana, Phambana lokubamba,’ he says raising his fist and firmly waving it to mark the end of his speech.

13:50 He said 2013 elections were people driven which is why noone among leadership should claim it. ‘It belongs to you, the people. Which is why you used your powers to clean up the party. Today we are here to look at ourselves and the policies that we should follow, ZimAsset kupedza hurombo, dams, irrigation and things like that. This congress is about celebrating victory.

13:47 He says some did not want to go for elections and had lost hope that the party will rise again. Some had deserted their posts to which the party had assigned them. Some had formed alliances with MDC formations and were working towards toppling the government with the help of hostile Western nations. He also castigated the dirty team that wantonly betrayed the ideals of Zanu PF.

13:45 He thanks foreign delegates for coming to support Zanu PF, a party which emerged victorious in last year’s July 31 harmonised elections.

13:42 President Mugabe says Zanu PF performed dismally in 2008 harmonised elections and as a results they had to endure the painful inclusive government.

13:40 He said those who committed corruption will be prosecuted if allegations have been proven and said all government officials involved in any corrupt dealings will have their employment contracts terminated.

13:35 President Mugabe bemoaned use of money in mobilising people to topple the president before congress, and also thanked ordinary members who refused to be bought like commodity.

13:30 He says, ‘Tinotenda kuti tiritose asi zvakanaka kuti vatadzi ava takavabata tisati tasvika patiri. Zvinhu izvi zvagara zvichiitika mumusangano asi tinozvitadza. Tinokutendai nekubatana kwamakaita, makarasa marara aya.’

President Mugabe

President Mugabe

13:25: President thanks party leadership and supporters for unity of purpose and working together to flush out people who were bent on betraying the ideals of the struggle. He implores them for taking action on their own.

13:20 President has likened VP Mujuru and her cabal of thieves for boycotting the congress without being restrained or prevented by anyone. ‘This is how thieves behave,’ he says. He gives an anecdote of a stranded couple which they accommodated overnight but  stole his mother and sisters’ clothing  and left early morning in a huff.

13:15 ‘Over the years we thought we were working together with her, but alas, behind our back she was plotting my downfall. We carried investigations and noted it was a clique that involved provincial chairpersons and ministers. Information started trickling in from provinces that a plot to topple the president was on the cards,’ he says.

13:05 ‘The party saw it fit in 2004 to include women within the top leadership of the party, resulting in the appointment of VP Mujuru.’ – President Mugabe.

13:02 He acknowledges the failure by the past leadership to fulfill the aspirations of the people due to a myriad of problems which included a cabal within the leadership which wanted to get him out of power.

President Mugabe

President Mugabe addresses the delegates

12:58 President takes to the podium and congratulates War Veterans for uniting. He also castigates those who were planning to change leadership and take him out of power.

12:56 The chairman has invited President Mugabe to make his key note address.

12:53 ‘A revolution does not succeed on the basis of the weakness of its opposition but the successful implementation of its programmes,’ he says before thanking the party for support during his tenure.

12:50 He tells delegates that Zanu PF grew stronger during his chairmanship and castigates factionalism which he calls a dangerous virus.

12:45 S.K. Moyo is delivering his welcome address

12:10 Zanu PF National Chairman has announced the beginning of the proceedings at officially convenes the sitting of the Congress in terms of Article 5, Section 22 of the Zanu PF Constitution. He has announced that in terms Article 9, Section 44 (1) of the constitution, he will chair the plenary.

11:50 Bishop Manhanga delivers the opening prayer.

11:20 President Mugabe has arrived at the venue but is yet to enter the marque. He is reported to be in a briefing party leadership. Vice President Joice Mujuru is has not arrived.

10:50: Zanu PF National Chairman, Cde S.K. Moyo making last minute arrangements to the high table in anticipation of the president’s imminent arrival. Chief of Dr Munyaradzi Kajese making last minute inspection of the higher table.

10:32: Cabinet Minister and Zanu PF National Chairmanship aspirant, Dr Obert Mpofu has also arrived at the congress venue

Members of the diplomatic corps inside marque at the venue

Members of the diplomatic corps inside marque at the venue

10:30: An army of local and foreign journalists present here at the Zanu PF National People’s Congress venue. This is testament to the massive interest the event has has garnered.


An army of Journalists covering Zanu PF National People’s congress

10:27: Cabinet Ministers and Politburo Members Dr Olivia Muchena, Dr David Parirenyatwa and Cde Sydney Sekeramai have arrived at the venue.

 10:21: All Women’s League provincial chairpersons have been summoned outside the marque by out going secretary for women affairs, Cde Oppah Muchinguri for a quick briefing.

Zanu PF delegates patiently waiting at the venue.

Zanu PF delegates patiently waiting at the venue.

10:04: Security is tight in and around the venue with scores of police, military,  intelligence officers and party youths maintaining order and keeping the peace.

The Congress Venue has been renamed Robert Mugabe Square

The Congress Venue has been renamed Robert Mugabe Square

09:43: ZANU PF headquarters is a hive of activity with last minute preparations underway. Scores of Zanu PF supporters are camped outside the party headquarters as they wait for the mop up accreditation to commence. Among those try to beat the last minute accreditation is former Zimbabwean Ambassador to South Africa and Russia, Cde Phelekezela Mphoko.


13:40: President Mugabe has just entered the hall and the meeting is supposed kick off anytime from now

13:32: Cde Simbarashe Mbengegwi has just arrived.

13:28: Dr Timoth Stamps has arrived and proceeded into the hall.

13:24: ‪ Cde Patrick Chinamasa has also arrived. Delegates are just moving in and out of the hall and some are standing outside.

13:11: Professor Jonathan Moyo and Cde Savior Kasukuwere have just arrived. They went straight into the hall.

13:07: Cde SK Moyo and Cde Mnangagwa have just entered the hall. The environment is calm here and the meeting has not started. President Mugabe is still in the main building.

13:01: Cde Cephas Msipa, Cde Jacob Mudenda and Cde Goodwills Masimirembwa have also arrived.

12:25: Dr David Parirenyatwa, Cde Olivia Muchena and Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa have arrived at Zanu PF Headquarters for the Central Committee meeting.

12:15: Central Committee members are now entering the hall to take their positions but Cde Mnangagwa has moved out of the hall and proceeded into the main building. Cde Ignatius Chombo has also arrived. The meeting has not started and some members of the Central Committee are still arriving.

 12:07: Cde Sydney Sekeramai has just arrived here at Zanu PF Headquarters. Cde Mnangagwa too has just arrived and went straight inside the hall where the meeting is taking place

11:45: Zanu PF delegates are now standing outside the hall to welcome the President who just arrived but went through the basement.

11:44 The vehicle, Zim1 has just arrived the President, Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe has arrived at Zanu PF Headquarters for the Central Committee meeting.


1702: The First Lady’s meeting ends, she refuses to be interviewed

1628: The First Lady is still in the closed door meeting

Zanu-PF Congress 31628: Harare provincial affairs minister Miriam Chikukwa sneaks out using another entyrance avoiding youths who have been denouncing her through a song . . . “Chikukwa chera mwena nguva yakwana”

Zanu-PF Congress 41605: Scores of Zanu PF youths are outside singing songs denouncing the kingpins of the plot to topple President Mugabe namely VP Mujuru, Cdes Webster Shamu and Didymus Mutasa.

1546: The First Lady is done and currently in a closed door meeting with the party leadership as journalists wait outside hoping to get an interview with her.

Zanu-PF CongressZanu-PF Congress 71509: The First Lady has arrived at the congress venue and is now being taken around.

kasukuwere1423: Cdes Saviour Kasukuwere, Jonathan Moyo, Patrick Zhuwawo and Patrick Chinamasa have arrived.

khaya moyo1412: Also present is Zanu PF national chairman Cde Simon Khaya Moyo, national commissar Webster Shamu, deputy health minister Dr Paul Chimedza and NetOne general manager Reward Kangai.

Zanu-PF Congress 2

Zanu-PF Congress 81408: The team that accompanied her during her “Meet the people tour” are already here. These are Cdes Oppah Muchinguri, Shuvai Mahofa, Sarah Mahoka and Eunice Sandi Moyo.

Zanu-PF Congress 61406: The First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe is expected to arrive at for her scheduled tour at the congress venue any minute from now.

Zanu -PF has remained committed to the economic empowerment of indigenous Zimbabweans

Zanu -PF has remained committed to the economic empowerment of indigenous Zimbabweans

1255: Delegate accreditation is still on going at the Zanu PF Headquarters in Harare while the Politburo meeting is about to start.

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