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By Simiso Mlevu

1130: The First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe who is also Secretary for Zanu PF Women’s League is in Binga  on a mission to capacitate developmental projects, specifically the Bulawayo Kraal Project in Matabeleland North.

11:32 Zanu PF Matabaleland North Provincial Chairman, Cde Richard Moyo welcomes the First Lady to Binga. He says, now that umama has set foot in the province, they (her children) are feeling the warmth of mother’s love.

11:33  Cde Thokozile Angela Mathuthu who is Zanu PF National Women’s League Secretary for Transport is introducing Women’s League members. These include Cde Musa Ncube, Cde Don Sibanda, Cde Monica Mutsvangwa, Cde Sarah Mahoka, Cde Esphilla Nhari among others.

11:40 Cde Richard Moyo says Mat North is congratulating Dr Mugabe for reaching 50 years of age and wish her many more. He says, ‘This is not your first time to visit us as your children. We would like to thank you for remembering us.”

11:43 Cde Moyo is briefing Dr Amai on the State of Affairs in the province. He says two National Assembly seats were lost to MDC but they have assigned to Non Constituency MPs to represent the party for the consituency. “23 wards were lost to MDC and we only got two Wards which are 21 and 22.”

11:46 “We are working on reclaiming the two constituencies and we are confident we will emerge victorious. Your visit means and lot mama. It serves as an indication to the people of Binga that our Mother and Father love us,” says Cde Moyo.

11:49 We would like to thank you Amai and Baba (President Mugabe) for the license granted to a thermal station to be opened in Lusulu.

11:52 Cde Moyo thanks President Mugabe for giving all Binga chiefs fishing permits. He also thanks His Excellency for donating tractors and ox-drawn ploughs to the people of Binga.

11:55 He says there are more than 30 Non Governmental Organisations operating in Binga. “These NGOs, Cde Moyo says, disguise themselves with developmental projects yet their motive is regime change. Now that you are here to capacitate these us mama, this is the end of these NGOs.”

 11:57 A local traditional dance group, Mabobolo is entertaining guests with Tonga Music and Dance

12:00 Director of Ceremony says he saw the First Lady dancing along to Tonga Traditional and also smoking the Traditional Tonga pipe. “I wonder if the President will approve of that,” he says.

12:05 Minister of State for Matebeleland North Provincial Affairs, Cde Cain Ginyilitshe Mathema introduces Cde Sandi Moyo who is also Minister of State for Bulawayo Provincial Affairs; President of the Senate, Cde Edna Madzongwe; Speaker of Parliament, Cde Jacob Mudenda; Cde Oppah Muchinguri who is Minister of Environment, Water and Climate; Minister of Labour and Social Welfare who is also Acting Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting, Prisca Mupfumira; Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs, Cde Shuvai Mahofa; Minister of Transport Dr Obert Mpofu . The dignitaries take turns to chant kuNembo aZanu PF, kuNembo aPres Mugabe, kuNembo aAmai.

 12:19 A local dance group by the name Binga STOP IT Crew takes to the stage to entertain the guests.

12:21 First Lady Amai Mugabe takes to the podium and says she was sent to Binga by President Mugabe. “We requested to visit his homestead and meet the chiefs in the Districts. KuNembo aBinga, kuNembo maYouth, kuNembo maChiefs,” the First Lady chants.

12:25 She acknowledges the effort made by Binga villagers to come and meet her in their numbers despite the fact they come from far places.

12:27 “Two days ago, we were commemorating Heroes Day. I trust you were also doing the same here in Binga. The Heroes Days was set aside by the Government to honour selfless deeds of the fallen and living heroes who fought for the liberation and independence of Zimbabwe,” says Amai.

12:29 “In the past, people would run away upon seeing a helicopter. But today, when people saw one, they did not run away. Instead, they converged to meet me. I am happy for that,” says the First Lady.

 12:31 Amai Mugabe says people should appreciate the value of independence. “Some died fighting for this country. What happened during the war should drive us to be patriotic,” she says.

12:33 She says at times she gets hurt by people who complain why ex-combatants are compensated. Why they are given money, they ask! “We can never do enough to thank them. No amount of money can compensate them. They sacrificed their lives and we should be grateful for that,” she says.

12:37 Amai Mugabe urges people to appreciate the history of the liberation. “If you understand the history of this country, you will never vote for MDC. I know that MDC won majority of seats here in Binga but come 2018, I know we will be talking of a different story. Zanu PF will win these seats.”

12:40 She says the people of Binga are tired of fake promises. “They want real development. I want to say to those in Zanu PF, people cannot vote for you when they are hungry.

12:43 Amai Mugabe says it is not true that the people of Binga do not like Zanu PF. “People like Zanu PF here,” she says before chanting Pamberi neZanu PF.

12:44 “For a longtime, I have been hearing stories that there are no schools in Binga. I then requested someone to get me pictures of the purported schools. The pictures that I received were shocking. I was so hurt. I asked President Mugabe kuti, nhai Baba, why is it Binga students learn at dilapidated schools like these one. President told me, there are schools in Binga. He then referred me to Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda. She added that when she asked Cde Mudenda, she learnt that there are schools in Binga.

12:48 “I want to say I was relieved when I landed here and saw this school. There are schools in Binga but we need to do more. We need to work together and develop Binga,” says Amai Mugabe.

12:53 She urged people to jealously guard the independence and ensure they reclaim their land. “Our land is our heritage. Mbuya Nehanda, Sekuru Kaguvi and others started fighting for what is theirs in 1800s. They were beheaded and their heads are displayed in Britain, at a museum as war trophies. These people who display heads as trophies are mourning a lion. Cecil! They are hypocrites.”

12:58 “Get me right, I am saying, we love our animals but we do not want hypocrites. What is important human life or animal life? Who are they (Americans) to come and tell us about our animals?

13:03 The First Lady pleads with the people of Binga to be to careful who they support. “If you continue supporting Tsvangirai, you will stay like this. We have had more than twenty by-elections but Tsvangirai and his party have been boycotting. Zanu PF is winning and they cry foul. They are saying let us amend the constitution. We need development. We cannot focus on the constitution always.”

13:07 Amai Mugabe has urged the people of Binga to be wary of Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs). “These NGOs, she says, are taking you for granted. They are giving you food handouts. They are not bringing development. They use food handouts to push their regime change agenda. Murikudyiwa makatarisa seMatemba. Munowaziva Matemba mose pano.

13:09 The First Lady says President Mugabe cares about the welfare of Zimbabweans and says no one will die of hunger. She says government has bought maize from Zambia.

13:12 Young girls have been urged to be wary of older man who are bent on abusing them. “Do not be abused. There is HIV out there. If an old man makes moves on you, make a report. Your first husband should be your education. Takadzidza munguva yakawoma isu. Takadzidza panguva yaSmith isu”

13:18 Amai Mugabe has taken swipe at women who force young girls into early marriages and urged them to STOP IT forthwith. “Kana uriAmai and you are doing it, please STOP IT. Haunyari?” she says.

13:21 She has warned men to STOP waylaying young girls before they are ripe. “Makambodya chibage chisati chaibva imi? Please STOP IT! Why are you doing this?”

13:24 The First Lady said she is in Binga to see the Bulawayo Kraal Project which was established in 2005 but has been struggling to take off. The target was 16000 hactares of land. The reason why it was set up here is because in Binga there are no farms.

13:26 Amai Mugabe has called on ZANU PF members to bring to end factionalism. “We do not want to hear of that word in the party again. Factionalism is the reason why former Vice Presdient Dr Joice Mujuru was fired.”

13:30 She says factionalism is rearing its ugly head again in Zanu PF. “Factionalism yakuda kudzonga but tinoti Pasi nayo.” Do not lie to us about what you are capable of. We know you all and what you are capable of. Just ask yourself why does God continue giving a 91 year old strength to lead the country. Where have you seen a 91 year old who can stand for 2 hours?”

13:34 She says there are people who have been canvasing for grassroots support since 2013 and telling people that they will take over from President Mugabe. “Please be patient,” she urges.

13:37 The First Lady says acting as President in the absence of His Excellency does not mean one is an heir apparent. This is what destroyed Joice Mujuru. “Do not be caught offside. Tamba nevamwe zvakanaka.”

 13:40 She says people take her for a mental case but her warnings always come to pass. “Kana zvanetsa, ndipeyi mpembe, ndinoiridza ini. Kana zvaipa hunza mpembe. Ndine Energy ini and ndirikushanda nemadzimai amai akasimba. AnaMuchinguri, anaMai Mahofa. Tichairidza mpembe. People think I am playing but I am not.”

13:48 Back to the reason why she is in Binga. She says she wants to know how she can assist villagers. She wants to see how far have they gone with the Bulawayo Kraal Project.

“The project was launched 10 years ago. So, I want to what components of the machines are working. Which ones are not. How we can assist each other. I know you love me. I also want to reciprocate your love. I do not want to abuse you,” she says.

13:55 According to Amai, the future of Binga villagers is bright. She has described herself as a woman of action. “I do not promise what I cannot fulfil. Let us work together on this product and see how far we can go.

14:02 “Thank you very much Binga villagers for coming. I am glad to be here too. I brought you many things. trust me, I brought many things. These things are meant to benefit all of us. I brought 10 000 pairs of shoes which include soccer boots, 20 000 tonnes of washing soap, 20 000 litres cooking oil, clothes – impahla zokugqoka. Isn’t you know second hand clothes are not allowed. I also do not want to see any kids putting on second hand clothes. These clothes come with a lot diseases. I also brought 20 tonnes of rice among other things”

 14:05 Amai Mugabe says Zanu PF, Veronica Munkuli is the one who pleaded with her to resuscitate the Bulawayo Kraal Project and urges the people to work with her.

14:10 Youths and women have been given 1o fishing permits. First Lady instructed those who are going to give out food hampers to the people to ensue that the elderly get without fail.

14:18 Binga Chiefs and the elderly are now receiving food hampers courtesy of the first lady Dr Amai Grace Mugabe.

14:25 A Binga Chief has thanked Amai Mugabe for coming to Binga saying he has no doubt that the kind gesture will go a long way in addressing their plight

Tulalumba bamama kutuvakachila kuBinga. Manji mapenzi ngituswenene angawo. Banyama balukutunjilila mumakuti. Tusyona kubusilisigwa kwaProject eyi kuzotugwasya kapati,” he says.

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