1500: The President has finished his address and that concludes our updates.

1449: President Mnangagwa has warned drug peddlers saying that those arrested will be given life sentences in jail as they are killing the youths, “Those young people with projects should come forward so that we help them with funding.”

1445: President Mnangagwa says the country has acquired over 22 million Covid-19 doses of vaccines that are adequate for the populace. He urged the citizens to get vaccinated as it reduces the chances of hospitalisation in the event of infection.

1439: President Mnangagwa says his Government is addressing the water issues in Chitungwiza through the construction of other water sources. The President takes a dig at the opposition-led Harare City Council for its failure to utilise the US$144 million China Exim Bank loan that was meant to rehabilitate Morton Jaffray waterworks, “Instead, they bought luxury cars and held countless workshops in different towns.”

1433: The President says that the country’s re-engagement efforts are paying off as indicated by the increased number of investors that are coming from the west to invest in the country.

1427: President Mnangagwa says the urban electorate should be wary of being hoodwinked by the opposition, “They have nothing to offer except empty promises, but us the Second Republic never promise what we cannot deliver.”

1423: The President says that the water from the boreholes drilled under the Presidential Borehole Drilling scheme is for everybody in need of water, “Vanotida nevasingatide, mose huyai muchere mvura iyi nokuti Zanu-PF tinoitira munhu wese.”

1422: He says the country will not be governed by people who take instructions from elsewhere besides the people of Zimbabwe. He says the time is now to take back Chitungwiza. The President says this will allow the needs of the residents to be heard.

1411: President Mnangagwa has urged the electorate to ditch the thieving opposition councillors and MPs who have failed to make any improvements in the past 20 years they have been administering urban councils. The President also revealed that the opposition legislators have misappropriated millions of devolution funds released by central government.

1405: President Mnangagwa has urged all citizens to use the right channels to air their grievances rather than using the opposition channels.

The President says that the Presidential borehole drilling scheme, which has already seen the drilling of more than 20 boreholes in Chitungwiza, comes as a response to the opposition-run local authority’s failure to provide portable water to residents.

1400: The President starts by applauding St Mary’s and Chitungwiza residents for supporting Zanu-PF and coming out in their large numbers.

1355: President Mnangagwa is now on the podium and chanting party slogans.

1352: VP Chiwenga has now invited President Mnangagwa to address the gathering.

1350: VP Chiwenga says the people of Chitungwiza should resoundingly vote for Zanu PF to bring an end to the disastrous reign of the opposition in the town.

1345: He explains that Chitungwiza was home to many liberation fighters when they returned from the war. He says many freedom fighters came from Chitungwiza.

1338: Zanu-PF Second Secretary Dr Constantino Chiwenga is now addressing the gathering. He starts by thanking Chitungwiza residents for coming out in their large numbers to the rally.

Vice President Chiwenga on the podium

1300: National political commissar Cde Mike Bimha is now on the podium and he introduces Harare Province Zanu-PF candidates for the March 26 by-elections.

1130: President Mnangagwa has arrived to a rapturous welcome by the thousands of supporters gathered here.

He has now gone into a briefing with the Zanu PF local leadership before addressing the crowd.

President Mnangagwa arrives

1100: We are at Chaminuka Primary School in St Mary’s, Chitungwiza for the Presidential Star Rally to be headlined by President Mnangagwa.

Thousands of Zanu-PF supporters have gathered here. This is the President’s final rally before the March 26 by-elections.

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