1055: The Zanu PF primary elections have entered their second day today with voters thronging polling stations across the country.

Voting is continuing at Gwanda High School in Matabeleland South

1056: After yesterday’s elections in Harare West, the situation remains calm and peaceful across the Constituency.

Residents in Ward 16 who spoke to this publication said no incidence of violence was recorded since yesterday.

This is the same situation in Harare West. Ward 17 residents said the elections did not, at any moment, disturbed their business.

Mr Admire Mhungu, one of the voters, commended the Party for a flawless voting process.

“I must say everything went well. we voted in peace. Nobody was forced or coerced to do so. It was a democratic process,” he said.

1058: Voting has now kicked off at most polling stations in Masvingo after the delivery of voting material. Masvingo and Midlands polls were postponed to today.

Voters taking turns to cast their votes at Chinhoyi’s Ward 8 polling station

1105: Voting resumed at 7 am at all centres in Kariba Urban with Zanu PF members who failed to cast their ballot taking advantage of the extension.

Voters waiting for their turn to cast their vote at Lundi Primary School in Lundi Park, Gweru

1108: In most districts in the Midlands province voting started around 9 am.

Voters waiting to cast their votes at Mkoba 4 golf course polling station, Mkoba North constituency in Gweru

1109: Voting started at 7: 32 am at Ground B St Marys Chitungwiza. Some people who failed to cast their votes yesterday have come to cast their votes today.

Zanu PF members waiting for their names to be called out so that they can vote at Chiefs Hall under Masvingo Urban

1148: Voting continues on day two at Bulawayo Central constituency and is expected to end by 1 pm.

Voting progressing well in Umzingwane District, Matabeleland South

1203: In Mabvuku-Tafara, voting ended yesterday and it went on peacefully. Polling agents are now in the process of transporting ballot papers and boxes to the National command centre.

They will be escorted by a team of police officers that have been deployed on the ground.

Mkoba North constituency aspiring candidates Edgar Ncube (left) and William Gondo (right) greeting each other just outside Chikumbiro polling station.

1205: Voting entered its second day at Old Polytechnic College for Zanu PF Bulawayo Central.
Cde Jonathan Jere who is in charge of the voting station said voting was progressing smoothly and is expected to end at 1 pm.

Cde Richard Ndlovu who is in charge of the Matabeleland South primary election process receives ballot boxes that have arrived at the provincial command centre from Gwanda South Constituency command centre at Manama Business Centre. Cde Ndlovu said they expect more ballot boxes to arrive from other constituencies as the day progresses. The province has 12 constituencies. He said voting is still underway in some polling stations.

1408: The voting process has been completed at Gwanda High School polling station and polling officers at the Gwanda Tshitaudze Constituency command centre situated at the school have started receiving ballot boxes from various polling centres under the constituency



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