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13 Dec, 2019 - 11:12 0 Views

The Herald

1000: We will be giving you live updates from the Zanu-PF National People’s Conference being held in Goromonzi

1019: President Mnangagwa has arrived at Goromonzi High School for the official opening of the 18th National People’s Conference.
Several Politburo members are also here and have joined President Mnangagwa for tree planting just outside the conference venue. Delegates are still trooping into the conference venue and the mood is electrifying as entertainment groups continue to belt mouth water Chimurenga songs.

Zanu-PF members await their turn to enter the conference venue

1100: The two VPs Cdes Constantino Chiwenga and Kembo Mohadi and national chairman Cde Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri have entered the conference venue.

1102: President Mnangagwa has since arrived and the national anthem is now being sung.

1103: Meanwhile SMEs are realising good returns at their exhibition tent. They are selling their wares at the conference venue.

1123: Zanu PF national chairperson Cde Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri invites Mashonaland East Zanu PF provincial chairperson Cde Joel Biggie Matiza to give his welcome remarks.

Vice Presidents Cdes Chiwenga and Mohadi

1125: Cde Matiza welcomes the delegates to the 18th National People’s Conference. He says a new chapter is being written in the nation through unity and growth as envisaged in Vision 2030.

1128: He says Mashonaland East is a Zanu-PF stronghold as seen by the continuous mobilisation of voters which has led by electoral victories. Cde Matiza says the province did well in the past elections and pledged to do better. He thanked the President for opening the Mahusekwa District Hospital.

President Mnangagwa waters a tree he had just planted while First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa and the nation’s Vice Presidents Cdes Constantino Chiwenga and Kembo Mohadi look on

1145: Provincial Affairs Minister Apolonia Munzverengi also gives her welcome remarks. She says Mashonaland East offers vast investment opportunities adding that the province is suited for agriculture due to is good climatic conditions. Minister Munzverengi says other opportunities are in tourism and manufacturing.

1157: Cde Mpofu introduces the delegates to the President.

1212: The revolutionary party’s chairperson Cde Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri has requested Vice President Chiwenga to address the gathering.

1225: VP Chiwenga is now on the podium.

Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mutsvangwa and her husband Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association chairman Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa and Zanu-PF national spokesperson Cde Simon Khaya-Moyo at the Zanu-PF Conference in Goromonzi.

1233: VP Chiwenga says the nation is currently bedeviled by polarisation. He says we are Zimbabweans and the country must be united as Zimbabweans. He says the MDC Alliance continues on a spate of violence and anarchy. VP Chiwenga says the opposition party’s plans will not succeed.

“We appeal to all political actors to respect the will of the people….we need to appreciate at every level that in the Second Republic the economy comes first before politics and as members of Zanu-PF you should make sure you lead the cadres in Government to do what we would have agreed here. It becomes imperative for all of us to be aware that we work for the people and national good before those of individuals,”

1239: VP Chiwenga warns the corrupt that it does not matter who one is in the party or how much you have worked for the party they will be arrested.

“The issue of vetting is about to start whether you’re in the party or Government we want to see whether you’re delivering or not…indeed this exposition of singleness of purpose by our party must be commended. ”

1242: The Vice President said the party should continue promoting ease of doing business and educate its members and instill discipline of new and existing members.

1241: He thanks the war vets for the role they continue to play. VP Chiwenga thanks the President for leading Zanu-PF in unity saying the party remains the party of today and tomorrow. He says preparations for 2023 elections should start now.

1244: He concludes his remarks and invites President Mnangagwa to address the conference.

President Mnangagwa

1259: President Mnangagwa begins his address and thanks God for protecting VP Chiwenga. He welcomes the delegates to the revolutionary party conference and thanks the province for its continued loyalty and producing great national luminaries.

1230: The President says the province was the cradle of the third chimurenga that led to the reclamation of land. He thanks the province for voting overwhelmingly for Zanu-PF adding that the conference comes at a decisive stage in the country’s development. The President says the conference should chart the way forward in terms of development.

1301: The President said the quest for economic development is still going forward and castigates the MDC Alliance for instigating violence to get political power. He says the focus of the party should be on improving people’s livelihoods while commending the party for winning by-elections held since 2018. The President says Zanu-PF is a listening party, a people’s party and has servant leadership adding that the party is committed to dialogue and urges the nation not to be distracted by those making irritating noise.


1306: President Mnangagwa says the party should weed itself of sellouts and says the decision of the party to reintroduce DCCs has been implemented. He says the war veterans league will soon be created in line with the resolutions of the Central Committee. The President says their inclusion as a full wing will bring impetus to party mobilisation and ideology.

1310: President Mnangagwa says women and youths are the soul of the party while the women’s quota will be extended with 10 more seats for youths being introduced in parliament. He reiterates that the party is for everyone but calls for commitment and loyalty.

1315: The President says the reintroduction of the local currency was meant to provide a platform for development. He says there’s no return to multi currency regime and urges party members to shun illegal foreign currency dealings but defend the local currency as a symbol of sovereignty.

1317: He warned retailers against profiteering on basic commodities adding that the land reform exercise is irreversible.

1320: On irrigation, he says various projects are being resuscitated.  The President says farms will be downsized after the land audit and this will eliminate multiple farm ownership.

1325: The President says the Presidential input scheme will benefit 1,6 million households. In mining, he says the Government’s target of a US$12 billion mining industry will create employment. President Mnangagwa says the party should take the lead in promoting SMEs. He thanks women for taking the lead in establishment of bakeries and adds that Government has a policy to promote rural industries.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Cde Sibusiso Moyo chats with Minister of Sports, Arts and Recreation Cde Kirsty Coventry

1327: He says the illegal sanctions have affected infrastructure development but Government has provided resources for roads and energy projects and health service delivery. He said the majority of striking doctors were being funded to embark on industrial action. He, however, said the majority were now returning to work.

1336: He says a report by the Land Commission showed a lot of excesses and said those implicated would be brought to book without fear or favour. He says the budget has increased resources for devolution and urges party members to take the lead in promoting development.

1340: The President says from next year, celebrations of national events will be decentralised to other provinces and not centralised in Harare.

1341: He said the party should remain committed to development in a flexible and responsive manner while reiterating that the country and its citizens should be productive.

1348: He concludes his remarks and tables the Central Committee report detailing progress, department by department, since the last conference held in Esigodini, Matabeleland South.

1350: Vice President Kembo Mohadi is now giving the Vote of Thanks. He says as the ruling party they hold their destiny in their own hands.

“One can do well only when one’s country and nation is doing well..for now we need to to respond to fight all the vices that militate against us,”

1410: The Vice President thanks all the delegates and staff that have made the conference a success.

1420: Cde Muchinguri-Kashiri is back on the podium. She says peddlers of fake news regarding possible disgreements amongst members of the Presidium should be ashamed of themselves as the Presidium is united.

1433: It’s now time for solidarity messages which concludes our updates for today. Please join us tomorrow for the final day of the conference.





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