Updates by Tendai Mugabe and Costa Mano

1244: The official proceedings have ended here at the National Heroes Acre and with that we end our updates.

1234: President Mugabe leads the laying of wreaths at the grave of the late Senator Georgias.

1231: President Mugabe has handed Mrs Jane Georgias the national flag.

1212: The casket carrying Senator Georgias is now being carried to its final resting place.

1203: “Go well son of the Zimbabwe, go well Senator go well…..I thank you”

President Mugabe has finished his address.

1159: “He fought indefatigably, took the fight to the white man’s doorstep..he used his resources to seek justice…we don’t say he lost the fight but in fact won, won on the side of exposing the evil of the West, the brutality of the West, the callousness of the West and their greed…no white court serves real justice to an African….When the story of Zimbabwe’s resistance to sanctions, Senator Georgias’ name will rank high.”

1148: “Senator Georgias suffered many losses through his company Trinity Engineering..his family suffered too..the children who were in Britain were to return on the orders of the British Government, why? Ah the alleged sins of the father visit the children..but Georgias was a fighter, he would not accept it.

“He was very fond of fighting cases in court…he won the case and he called me saying we had defeated the British but that was only that case, the other case of the sanctions was lost.”

1142: “Aguy belonged to the league of men and women who refused transient privileges….Aguy Georgias was amongst the people on the sanctions list, a list fof people who were not supposed to visit holy Britain, holy Europe and holy America…this made Europe and America look like they were stopovers to heaven.”


1135: “While we bury Senator Aguy Georgias today..the things he achieved makes his life greater that his death….in the affairs of our nation, we had him as a senator and minister of Government…Georgias made a mark on this nation. Georgias has left us a record which today chides you, chides all of us…it’s a record which exalts us to exalt a life worth lived..Aguy was a great man indeed..he was one of us and we were one with him.”

1132: “May I on behalf of Zanu-PF, Government, family express to the family my deepest condolences especially to Amai Georgias, the mother, and the family and wife as well as the relatives..I know this to be a difficult time for you members of the family..but such is the fate of our mortal life, we are born to die, placed on this earth, to live on it for the duration prescribed by the God almighty”


1129: President Mugabe says the 22nd of December should ordinarily be a day of celebration but the Lord changed that with tears of bereavement.

1126: Dr Chombo is back on the podium and says Cde Georgias deserves a befitting send off. He invites President Mugabe to address the mourners gathered.

1120: The Georgias family representative says the family is grateful to the President, Government and Zanu-PF for the honour bestowed on their father. She narrates a poem dedicated to her father.

1115: Col Nyakudya has finished and the Roman Catholic Church choir is now singing.

1107: Dr Ignatius Chombo is now on the podium and has invited Chaplain General of the ZDF, Colonel Joseph Nyakudya to give a word of scripture.

1056: The body of Senator Georgias has arrived and will now be laid at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

1000: President Mugabe and First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe have arrived at Stodart Hall amid wild cheers from the crowd. President Mugabe will lead the body viewing procession before mourners go to the National Heroes Acre.

0953: VP Mnangagwa has arrived.

0951: VP Phelekezela Mphoko has arrived.

Members of the Presidential Guard on parade.

Members of the Presidential Guard on parade.

0944: Minister of Defence Cde Sydney Sekeramayi has also arrived and so have the service chiefs.

0936: Harare Mayor Councillor Bernard Manyenyeni is also among people paying their last respects to Cde Georgias.

0933: Mbare chimurenga choir and Zanu-PF youths are entertaining  the people gathered to mourn the passing of yet another Zimbabwean hero.

0927: Scores of Zanu-PF  supporters are arriving at Stodart Hall in Mbare to pay their final respects to national hero Cde Aguy Georgias. Ministers Chombo, Mohadi and Mumbengegwi have also arrived.

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