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We end our live updates for this event here. Please note we shall shortly be updating you on President Mugabe’s scheduled rally at Chipadze Stadium today.

1517: President Mugabe has unveiled the plaque and that ends the official proceedings at ZEGU.

1445: “Ladies and gentlemen I wish to end by congratulating you most heartily on this university…I declare the Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University officially open. I thank you,”

President Mugabe has finished his address.

1443: “Even as we struggle against each other politically, the hunger we in our party is the same hunger that is being felt in MDC so when food is being distributed everyone must get food..it doesn’t matter which party we belong to, our morals must constitute a part of our education at pour universities. Let us therefore work hard for this moral situation to improve but things as I said are getting worse…may ZAOGA be leader in this fight for moral survival so that those who get educated here don’t just think of themselves but think of others as well,”

1437: “The university should seek and seek again that useful and practical knowledge, that is knowledge that is relevant and that is knowledge that should be relevant to the needs of our country….while the present enrollment to match the size of the university it is my hope that it will keep going strong,”

1434: “I urge the staff and students to maintain the university in the same sparkling state I see now..ZEGU..is today officially opening its doors to students…it is clear that our youngest university which comes 36 years after our independence follows in the footsteps of the state and private universities. ZEGU is expected to richly benefit from the state and church predecessor universities. ZEGU should be naturally wiser in what it chooses to imbibe from the other older universities,”

1431: “ZAOGA, Forward in Faith..tine slogan imwe, we say Forward Ever, Backward Never,”

1430: “Ndozvatarwira ka, ndozvataka fira, ndozvakaitisa kuti tirasikirwe nevakasara mumasango..ndanga ndichitoti nzvimbo ino idiki…zvimwe mungade kuita agriculture, mining tokutsvagirai kwekuenda..aiwa tinofara, tati tiuye kuzovhura university inoi. Ndati ndataure izvi nemutauro wedu kuti zvipinde mumoyo zvigare zviri mumoyo,”

1427: “Zvakakanganiswa zvekuti mutengeserwe (land)….izvo tataura kare kuti mari iyoyo hamubhadhare, makabhadhara kare nemunamato…vakai,”

1426: “President Mugabe says on his side he never “kept on praying just like you did as you took it upon yourself to help yourself, we did the same we used these hands to free the country….this place you have built your university was not going to come through your prayers only but you needed people like use.”

1422: Vati ivo kwakauya umwewo murungu wekuAmerica achiti enda chidzoka wona shanda uri pasi pangu..pasi pake. Uchawana rubatsiro..vanoti vakanamata husiku whose shoko raMwari rikati kwete enda unozviitira kumusha kwako. Kuti uenda waka sungwa huro sembwa inonzi saa..kwete..saka Mwari akaramba iye akateererawo,” President Mugabe paying homage Prof Guti on coming back home after his schooling in USA.

1419: “Ndoda kutanga nekutenda Va Archbishop Guti nekundi koka kwavakaita kuti ndiuye kuzoita zvekupedzisisa kuti university yedu iende mberi…nhorowondo yehupenyu whavo ndaisaiziva.”

 1416: President Mugabe is now on the podium.107eba76-1e32-4ae8-9d9f-a822e795e633

1415: Prof Moyo invites President Mugabe to address the gathering and officially open the university.

1413: “This ceremony..is yet another milestones in the illustrious history of our education in the country. At independence in 1980 we only had one university being the University of Zimbabwe with 2 280 students, now we 10 state universities and six private universities with an enrolment of to 95 841 students and 21 874 are doing STEM. By the end of the year this number will grow to 21 universities,”

1408: Professor Jonathan Moyo is now on the podium.

1404:  She ends her speech.

1401: “The vision of ZEGU is to develop a morally upright being. Your Excellency, you have bemoaned the dearth of moral uprightness, we can assure you that as a university, we are working on addressing that,”

1358: Dr Guti narrates her journey to USA with the nhope of coming back with more money. She says there’s no donor fund that went into building ZEGU.

“ZAOGA came to fruition following an instruction from God that I teach people his word,”

1353: Prof Guti’s wife, Dr Eunor Guti, is now reading the Chancellor’s speech as he is having problems with his eyesight.

1a8986e1-cec7-4f78-ad88-63038d8e1a1f1338: Dr Mutanga thanks President Mugabe for liberalising education in  Zimbabwe resulting in the birth of ZEGU.

1333: Enrolment stands at 201 students with a staff compliment of 57. ZEGU has forged a partnership with the University of Nottingham.

1331: The university has three faculties so far. These are faculties of Education, Arts and Commerce. There are plans to introduce other faculties too. In the discharge of duties, ZEGU is guided by ZimAsset.

Some of the people at ZEGU's launch

Some of the people at ZEGU’s launch

1327: “Your Excellency, the University has two core values, Hunhu/Ubuntu and Entrepreneurship”

1326: ZEGU is a brainchild of Dr Guti and has an academic thrust of entrepreneurial development. Dr Mutanga says ZEGU will soon launch Ezekiel Guti research fund.

1325: “I dedicate myself to being a leader of ZEGU,” she says.

President Mugabe and First Lady Amai Grace arrive at ZEGU.

President Mugabe and First Lady Amai Grace arrive at ZEGU.

1324: Dr Mutanga is giving her acceptance speech and promises that she will not crumble under pressure but will rise to the occassion.

1308: Chancellor Guti is now presiding over the installation of VC Mutanga.

a664f591-9eed-496d-ac77-52f2f0350e891301: ZAOGA FIF Bindura welcomes President Mugabe with a song “VaMugabe vauya, simukai tipembere”.

1250: Professor Hope Sadza is now on the podium. She introduces Dr Sunungurai Dominica Mutanga as the First Vice Chancellor of ZEGU.

1248: The briefing is over and the official proceedings have started. Frederick Kasese is the Director of Ceremonies and he says the university’s foundation is centred in the history of the country.

Prof Guti and wife, Eunor

Prof Guti and wife, Eunor

1213: President Mugabe is currently in a briefing with university administration.

1116: They are now touring the library together with Professor Guti and his wife, Dr Eunor Guti. From there, they will tour ZEGU computer room.

1109: President Mugabe has arrived. He is accompanied by the First Lady Amai Grace.

1046: Some of the banners here read, Welcome Baba, Welcome Amai, Baba we thank you and We love Amai.


1034: ZAOGA congregants are having a praise and worship session as they wait on President Mugabe. Ministers and several Government officials have arrived at ZEGU for the official opening.

Carol Mujokoro entertains the gathered guests. Pictures by Simiso Mlevu

Carol Mujokoro entertains the gathered guests. Pictures by Simiso Mlevu

1030: ZEGU  is an institution of higher learning owned ZAOGA FIF Church.

1028: President Mugabe is today expected to officially launch the Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University in Bindura. He will thereafter address a rally at Chipadze Stadium.

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