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LIVE BLOG: PRESIDENT IN GWANDA Thousands have thronged Phelandaba Stadium

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1600: Zanu-PF Matabeleland South province gives President Mnangagwa a gift of two bulls to bring an end to proceedings here. Thank you for joining us.

1559: “Let’s forget about what happened in the primary elections because we are now going to vote for ZANU-PF, not an individual. I am happy that today President Mnangagwa you are going home as a fit person. You were correct when you said whoever poisoned you was not from this province. If there is anyone to do mischief it was the people you came with,” says VP Mohadi as he ends his address.

1557: “Let’s go and vote come 30 July. We must be peaceful as we vote because we have the people. Let those who make noise about Zanu-PF continue and we ignore them.

1550: VP Mohadi now giving the closing remarks and starts by recognising the traditional leaders present.

“Zanu-PF is a consistent party that plans whatever it does. The slogan should now be economy, economy, economy. We now need to improve the people’s standard of living which is why we are saying Zimbabwe is open for business. Let them come and help us improve our GDP and standard of living. Zimbabwe will never be the same again because we have been brought back to the thrust of the liberation struggle.”

1537: “The country is now in good hands, we have move a great deal in terms of economic development. May God Bless Zimbabwe,” says President Mnangagwa as he ends his speech.

1536: “Phansi lamasela pasi nembhavha, we should do away with crime. Government will do everything to deal with your challenges. We need to work together in addressing cross-cutting issues. We need to grow the economy, more jobs, more infrastructure development. The country is now in good hands we have to move a great deal in terms of economic development. May God Bless Zimbabwe,”

1531: “We must respect traditional leaders in all our development programmes. I ask you that we remain peaceful. We are not ashamed with empowering our traditional leaders. Your coming here in numbers assures us of a Zanu-PF clean sweep in the July elections. I am happy with the large numbers here it shows that Matabeleland South is Zanu-PF 100 percent. We have opened up democracy now we have 23 presidential candidates rather than the usual 5 in previous elections. We will continue resourcing our Chitepo Ideological College which we will soon decentralise. We have since appointed Cde Machacha to the Politburo. To the school kids, if it’s time for school it’s time for school, let’s stop abusing drugs.”

1528: “In housing we have a programme in the country and we envisage that in the next five years it will cover youths and women. We need a housing development policy which is orderly. We have a list of land barons and we will soon be dealing with them. We have put a Land Commission which gave us an interim report and I tell you it exposed a lot of people. I wont mention the names right now but I now have the list and we will soon deal with them. Urban councils should stop unplanned development. We need proper planning of urban development. We need to improve the primary health care facilities,”

1524: “The Provincial minister should now ensure that the GDP of that province grows. The minister must now know that resources which are here must be exploited, that is the only way to increase the assets of the province. There is no one to be left behind poor. In this province, we will have solar projects. You tried to do a solar project and the unfortunate thing was it was infiltrated and did not succeed, we are in the process of rectifying that. In the social sector, we want Gwanda State University to promote this province and produce graduates who are able to work on the programmes of the country. Gwanda State University should produce human resources who fit into the development scope of the province and national economic aspirations,”

1515: “We have secured $100 million grant from China to help artisanal miners. We need them to practice safe and productive mining. We are working on upgrading and repairing road infrastructure. It’s surprising we are now getting money from Zinara. There will come a time when we will have to ask where all this money was going before. Cabinet has approved the need to modernise Beitbridge border post. We hope works will begin soon. I have already met with the company directors and they have given me assurances that all was on track. Through our reengagement, Zimbabwe is now part of the Kazungula bridge project. We are also working on implementing the one-stop border post with Zambia and Botswana at Kazungula,”

1508: “We must also make sure that our dams are made to support agriculture through the establishment of irrigation schemes. In Matabeleland South, we know that there is huge potential to have citrus plantations like in Beitbridge. We should prioritise commercial citrus farming, especially in Beitbridge district. Minister of Climate and Water has been running a tree planting programme. We also know that here in Matabeleland South you have various minerals. However, how can you remain poor when you have all these minerals. For people to be rich we need to extract the underground minerals. We have a dedicated Mines Minister and we have availed $20 million to open Shabani-Mashava mine and this will create employment for our people. We will continue opening closed mines and opening new mines. We will be opening a $4.2 billion investment in Mashonaland West before we go for elections. This will create 15 000 jobs,”

1504: “Here in Matabeleland South, we have introduced Command Livestock which we launched here today since crop husbandry is not conducive to the climatic conditions here. Command Agriculture is embracing all agricultural sectors including poultry and fisheries. In addition, the programme also includes piggery and other ruminants. We have allocated land to strengthen our agrarian reform. We don’t want people with multiple farms, lets not be selfish. We want our land to be productive, the land we have taken must be productive. But we are saying we will also support you so that you become productive. We have now revived CSC , we got an investor who is going to channel $10 million towards the rehabilitation of our cold storage,”

1458: “Our relationship with China has gone up now to a comprehensive partnership. Our relation is deeper with China. Our foreign policy is to engage and re-engage. We are engaging new friends and reengaging those friends who had disengaged from Zimbabwe. We must make sure we promote our agriculture. No Zimbabwean shall die of hunger. We have also initiated the Command Agriculture element to make sure we address issues of food security.”

1455: “We have invited over 46 countries to observe our elections. Let’s show them that we are politically mature and peaceful. All we want to achieve is a thunderous peaceful victory and this can only be achieved by us as Zanu-PF. We are a people loved by God who guided our sons and daughters during the war of liberation. Now, what must we do to develop our country? we want this country in 12 years time to become a middle-income country. To achieve this we have to do certain things sector by sector. After getting into Government we engaged on a mission to apprise Sadc leaders and the Chinese on the latest developments at home,”

Ubulamba Perfoming Arts waiting their turn to entertain Zanu-PF supporters

1454: “No to violence, we want peace. For us to develop we must have an environment of peace. We must be known for unity and love. We are such a huge mass party, we must not worry about these other small parties. If those from the small parties come to you and are thirsty, give them water, if they are hungry give them the food they require,”

1453: “Stick with the masses , the masses are within Zanu-PF so come to where the people are. We are now in election mode and as Zanu-PF, we want a peaceful campaign before, during and after elections.

1450: “The new dispensation has adopted servant type of leadership. We are products of your power. If a product disregards the source of the power that product must be thrown away. We want our people to have a better life. We do this by voting into power a political party which has a history of having the people’s wishes at heart. We are the party as ZANU-PF. Others can come and bark but we are Zanu-PF,”

1447:  “Come 30 July let us all go and vote. The new dispensation came about as a result of the national convergence of people in Harare in November last year, when you demanded change. The result of your pleas created this new dispensation, which is why I say, THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE IS THE VOICE OF GOD,”

1445: “In this province, you have 13 constituencies. Matabeleland South during the 2013 election had a clean sweep of all 13 constituencies. This time around on 30 July are you going to give us another 100 percent? VP Chiwenga called your candidates and those who lost in the primaries to come upfront. In Zanu-PF, there is no one bigger than the party,”

President Mnangagwa addresses the party faithful who came in their numbers

1444: “This is the land of our heroes. Our Father Zimbabwe, Dr Joshua Nkomo was from this province, even Jason Ziyaphapha Moyo was from this province. So Matabeleland South has contributed immensely to the liberation of this country.”

1442: “Do you remember what happened in August? I remember I was accompanied by VP Mohadi to Gweru. I don’t remember how I got into the helicopter. I have to tell you today that there is no one involved in that matter who is from Matabeleland,”

1437: President Mnangagwa is now addressing the gathering.

1436: As the President takes to the podium he leads the high table and the stadium in dancing to what has become his trademark song from Jah Prayzah “Kutonga Kwaro”.

1435: Phelandaba Stadium is now full to capacity yet some party supporters are still waiting outside the venue.

1434: VP Chiwenga encourages the candidates to remain united. The Vice President now invites President Mnangagwa to the podium.

1423: Before inviting President Mnangagwa to the podium, VP Chiwenga invites party candidates who will represent the party in the upcoming elections together with those that lost in the party’s primary elections.

1419: “In December 2017, Congress sat and he was elected the First Secretary and President of Zanu-PF. This is the man we are accompanying today, let us sit down and listen to him as we are headed for elections,”

1418: “This is the man who was appointed to be chairman of the Joint Command to lead the integration of the three armies. He did this successfully, which is historical as it has never happened anywhere else in the world,”

President Mnangagwa and his deputies VP Chiwenga and Mohadi greet party candidates for the forthcoming elections

1405: VP Chiwenga takes to the podium to introduce the President

“I am here to introduce to you our guest of honour. I stand in front of you to tell you who President Mnangagwa is. He is our President and will still be our President after elections on 30 July. He was born in Midlands in 1942. His family was politically upright. President Mnangagwa first jumped the border in 1964 when he crossed from Zambia to Zimbabwe to be part of the Zanu congress. Due to his political activities in the liberation struggle, he was sentenced to death but because of his age this was commutted,”

1403: VP Mohadi now greeting the multitudes gathered at Phelandaba Stadium.

1359: Cde Rugeje introducing the various delegates accompanying the President.

1358: Zanu-PF National Commisar Cde Engelbert Rugeje now takes to the podium.

1357: “Cde President this is the province where you were almost killed by your enemies. However,  I would like to assure you that you are not dying today. We welcome you President and thank you for honouring us with your visit. There are a lot of people who failed to make it to this rally because of transport but we will pass on the message which you will deliver,”

1354: Zanu-PF Provincial chairperson, Cde Choeni now welcoming the President to the province.

1350: President Mnangagwa has arrived to a rousing welcome from Zanu-PF supporters that have thronged the venue in their thousands

1348: We are at Phelandaba Stadium where thousands are gathered awaiting President Mnangagwa’s address.

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