LIVE – Heroes Day Commemorations

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LIVE – Heroes Day Commemorations

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1222: The National Anthem is now being sung marking an end to the official proceedings here at the National Heroes Acre. That concludes our updates, thank you for joining us.

1205: President Mnangagwa is now leading the laying of wreaths.

1147: The President has finished his address.

1145:  “Time for politics is over, it’s now time for action, production, production and service delivery..we are a bold and brave nation of warriors..let us therefore march forward in peace, harmony and love.”

1142: President Mnangagwa says Government will continue pursuing policies that attract investment. He urges the nation to take note of the ever changing socio-economic and technological realities that face the nation. He says his Government is developing historical liberation war sites so that they become tourist attractions.

1138: He says the nation is endowed by vast natural resources which will foster economic development.

“Lets all take a leaf from our departed and living heroes and heroines….one of the core reasons of waging the liberation struggle was to take back the land and give it to its rightful owners. The land reform is finished and irreversible. The challenge before us is to modernise our agriculture. My Government will continue to facilitate the enhanced processing and value addition of our resources,”

1137: He urged all to strive to build a Zimbabwe where everyone is accommodated irrespective of tribe, race or religion.

President Mnangagwa

1135: President Mnangagwa says to safeguard the gains of independence the people have to be united with unity of purpose.

1132: The President condemned the MDC Alliance inspired violence that led to the loss of lives. He reiterates that he will institute an independent commission to look into the issue.

1130: “It took a protracted struggle to reach where we are today, somewhere executed, some detained without trial yet they stood resolute…as I stand before you today I see a nation of heroes, a nation of peacemakers and a people who have stood firm. I see a nation of warriors guarding our independence and freedom. On the 30th of July you stood and up made your voice be heard.”

He says on the 30th of July Zimbabwe showed the world and demonstrated that we could hold free, fair and transparent elections.

President Mnangagwa speaks to his deputy VP Chiwenga

1128: President Mnangagwa says he feels honoured and humble to address the gathered crowd while commemorating those who died for our freedom

1126: President Mnangagwa is now giving the keynote address.

1124: Dr Mpofu invites President Mnangagwa to address the gathering.

1110: Home Affairs and Culture Heritage Minister Dr Obert Mpofu gives his welcome remarks and invites ZDF chaplain general Colonel Nyakudya to give his devotion.

1101: President Mnangagwa is now inspecting the Quarter Guard mounted by the Presidential Guard.

VP Mohadi arrives

1050: President Mnangagwa has arrived to applause, whistles and ululation and the National Anthem is now being sung.

1046: Some of the banners are written Lest we forget, Zimbabwe is open for business, Lets put Zimbabwe first, our heroes and heroines:our pride, you fought, you won now we safeguard, remembering our heroes and heroines.

Cde Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri and Mabel Chinomona arrive at the national shrine

1042: VP Kembo Mohadi has also arrived at the national shrine

1041: Vice President Chiwenga has just arrived amidst loud cheers.  He is accompanied by his wife Mary Chiwenga.

VP Chiwenga and wife Mary arrive

1032: Thousands of Zimbabweans from all walks of life have thronged the National Heroes Acre to remember the fallen freedom fighters. According to the programme, His Excellency is expected to address the crowd at 11:30am

1008: President Mnangagwa will today preside over the main Heroes Day commemorations, with thousands of people expected to converge at provincial and district centres countrywide to honour heroes and heroines who sacrificed their lives to liberate the country from colonial bondage.

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