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Record 13 Covid-19 deaths

A record 13 new deaths from Covid-19 were reported yesterday, but all were patients who died over the weekend or on ...

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11 Sep, 2019 - 09:09 0 Views

The Herald

1254: Proceedings have now ended, and this brings an end to our live updates.

1223: Members of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces fire the 21-gun salute as Maj Gen Mugoba’s body is lowered into the grave.

1215: Maj Gen Mugoba’s body is led to its final resting place.

1157: President Mnangagwa finishes his address.

1154: Says the fight against corruption should go on.

1152: President Mnangagwa says government is aware of difficulties being faced in the country as a result of a combination of sanctions, ongoing economic reforms and drought.

1151: Says this resulted in his secondment to the AU to lead the AU reaction task force.

1149: President Mnangagwa narrates Maj Gen Mugoba’s history during and after the liberation struggle saying he exhibited exceptional leadership qualities.

1140: Says the role played by Maj Gen Mugoba is unquestionable as he served his people and country with distinction.

1139: Says the death of the two calls on the nation to guard jealously the country’s independence.

1138: President Mnangagwa says Maj Gen Mugoba’s death came as a double as it was soon after the death of the country’s founding father former President Robert Mugabe.

1133: Ambassador Mathema invites President Mnangagwa to address the gathering.

1128: She thanks the government, the country and Zanu PF for the honour bestowed on her brother.

1126: She says her brother declined a scholarship to study medicine in the UK after independence as he put the interests of the country and his family ahead of his personal ambitions.

1123: Mrs Mabika, who is  sister to the late Maj Gen Mugoba says her brother was appreciated by people from all walks of life.

1122: Ambassador Mathema invites Mrs Grace Mabika from the Mugoba family to address the gathering.

1112: Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Minister Ambassador Cain Mathema is the Master of Ceremony and has invited Bishop Chemist Pfimbi to give a sermon.

1106: President Mnangagwa and First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa have arrived.

1105: The body has now arrived at the national shrine.

1016: The body is now being taken for burial at the National Heroes Acre.

0952: President Mnangagwa has arrived and will lead the body viewing ceremony.

President Mnangagwa arrives

0933: The service chiefs have arrived

The service chiefs are now at Stodart Hall

0858: The body of the late national hero Major General Trust Mugoba has arrived at Stodart Hall.

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