Lions wreak havoc in Binga

20 Apr, 2017 - 00:04 0 Views
Lions wreak havoc in Binga

The Herald

Whinsley Masara Bulawayo Bureau
Lions are wreaking havoc in Binga, killing livestock after straying into villages.

About 32 goats and eight cattle have been killed in two weeks in Chitete Village, Sinansengwe Ward, under Chief Sinansengwe.

Sinansengwe ward councillor Mr Elmon Mudenda said they reported the matter to the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authority and when rangers came to the area, the lions were nowhere to be found, only to resurface afterwards.

“People are threatened with poverty as livestock is their source of wealth,” he said. “Villagers here depend on cattle rearing as compared to crop growing.

“Although this is a common occurrence as it happens every year, this time the lions have come in full force, killing seven to 12 goats in one kraal on a single night.

“One villager lost 12 goats in one night, while the other lost seven goats over the weekend. The National Parks and Campfire rangers came to the village, and during the three days that they patrolled around, not a single lion was seen, but as soon as they returned to Binga, the lions were spotted again.”

Chief Sinansegwe said people in Sinansengwe ward were now living in fear of the lions.

“We’ve done the best we can to drive wildlife out of our villages to safeguard human life as well as that of our livestock,” he said. “However, lions have always been problematic in our wards, especially in winter.”

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