Lions wreak havoc

Lions wreak havoc

Bulawayo Bureau
A MAN from Hwange has been hospitalised after he was attacked by a lion on Saturday as villagers drove away a pride of the predators that was targeting their livestock.

Villagers in Mabale Ward under Chief Dingane-Nelukoba in Matabeleland North Province told Chronicle that they had lost more than 100 cattle and goats to the marauding lions, in attacks that culminated in the man nearly losing his life.

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority rangers gunned down a cub and a lioness called Frisk which had a tracking device on Saturday.

Villagers said the pride that has been terrorising them comprises three lionesses and four cubs.

Goats, cattle, dogs and chickens were at the mercy of the lions, especially at night.

On Saturday, villagers grouped together to drive away the pride, but the angry lions charged at them and almost mauled Abraham Ncube to death.

Chief Dingane-Nelukoba said Ncube is admitted to Hwange Colliery Hospital with multiple injuries.

“We have always complained about these lions, but nothing was done.

“In the past few days they killed about 40 cattle in Chezhou while others were killed in Mabale, Dopota, Songwa, Mopane and Chiguswi and as far as Halfway. I am not sure of the total number as I am still receiving reports,” said Chief Dingane-Nelukoba.

Dopota village head Evans Shoko said more than 100 cattle were killed recently.

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