Life skills take centre stage in Zimbabwe’s education system Scenes at the Private Schools Expo

Peter Tanyanyiwa Herald Correspondent

The Private Schools Expo held over the weekend at the Celebration Centre in Borrowdale, Harare, not only showcased the diverse educational options available to prospective students but also emphasised the growing importance of life skills in the modern education system.

Speaking at the schools’ expo, Mrs Delight Timuri, the human resources executive for Irene Christian College, stressed the need for practical skills to be integrated into the curriculum for both boys and girls, underscoring their vital role in preparing students for the challenges of the world.

“Today’s students need life skills, regardless of gender. They have to know how to cook, change a car tyre, and check coolant. We want our students to be more practical and to be able to survive out there, in the real world,” said Mrs Timuri.

The expo, organised by the Zimbabwe Academic Trust, attracted schools from Chinhoyi, Masvingo, and Bulawayo, and provided parents with a platform to gather information about different educational institutions.

Over 55 schools participated.

Mrs Benadette Tuso, the marketing officer for the Private Schools Expo, highlighted the event’s role in aiding parents and students in making informed decisions about their educational needs.

“This event is specially designed to help students and parents make informed decisions about their educational needs. At this expo, parents get information that would normally take them a long time to gather, but they can have all that information in one go and make an informed decision about their child’s future,” said Mrs Tuso.

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