Life coach headed for Zim


Lawrence Chitumba Lifestyle Reporter
Year in year out we have had people saying they have resolved to do this and that at the beginning of each year yet a few days in the year they are back to their old ways.

Most of us fail to adhere to our New Year resolutions which if adhered to could possibly change our lives for the better.

In life there is a time when we have to decide on whether we still have to continue engaging in some of the habits that are counterproductive to our life goals and aspirations

But most of us have failed when it mattered most when we are supposed to take right direction for the better, why?

The reason could be that we have failed because we cannot shoulder on our own the burden of saying goodbye to some of the habits that could destroy our lives.

We need someone to help us through this burden in the form of “life coaches” who will give us a guideline and motivation for us to achieve our goals.

One such inspirational guide is none other than world renowned life coach, motivator, entrepreneur and pastor aka “coach Duron” who is set to shake up Zimbabwe with his insightful views this January.

Though the aspect of life coaching is nascent amongst the majority of a Zimbabweans, it is never harmful to try out something different in a new season in order to get new results, besides its at no costs at all.

His visit comes at a crucial time when most of us are still trying to get our resolutions in place while others are trying to get the ball rolling

Duron, with his experience and wisdom is set to assist many in setting their life objections correctly hence the hype ahead of his inaugural visit to the country.

He has been a coach for the last three decades transforming lives of people in colleges, industries, and high school students and he is also the founder of Evangel University football programme.

Denny Duron is a communicator, motivator and student of God’s Word. His burning desire is to “Awaken Destiny One Heart at a Time”. Denny is the pastor of Shreveport Community Church in Shreveport, Louisiana

Denny now serves as chancellor of the Evangel Christian Academy along with his pastoral duties.

The outreaches of Shreveport Community Church are expansive and includes; The Educational Centre for Autism, Winner’s Circle, a camp for inner-city children; a full service food and clothing centre and a live-in facility ministering to men with addictions.

He has been married to DeAnza for 33 years and they have six children; Destiny, DawnChere’, Denny Rodney, Dez, David Dee, and Dakota. They also have four grandchildren, Kennedy, Noa Cate, Carolina Lee and Julietta.

Denny’s wife DeAnza is a noted vocal artist and lecturer and is in great demand at conferences around the world.

High profile people have spoken highly of Denny.

“I have known Denny Duron for several years and recommend Denny as a speaker, leader and influencer. He has “Christ in You” — character, charisma, compassion and challenge. He is the complete package.” Bill McCartney — Promise Keepers

“Denny Duron is an excellent motivator and leader. He has always been a positive influence on the lives of young men.” Head Football Coach, Larry Coker, University of Miami

“Denny Duron is an enthusiastic and thoughtful speaker who challenges, motivates and entertains all listeners. He is a leader, father, and a warrior for Christ.” Head Football Coach, Ken Hatfield, Rice University

“Denny Duron is motivational, funny, provocative and life-changing! Hear him once and you will never be the same.” Doug Wead, former Special Assistant in the Bush White House.

Duron will be speaking at a local church. When evangelist Joyce Meyer visited the country a few years back many people turned up to hear her.

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