Let’s vote out incompetent opposition councils-President

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Let’s vote out incompetent opposition councils-President President Mnangagwa

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Fungi Kwaramba in Victoria Falls
President Mnangagwa yesterday told hundreds of Zanu PF supporters who thronged the Victoria Falls International Airport to vote out the incompetent and corrupt opposition councillors in the forthcoming by-elections set for the first quarter of next year.

In an impromptu address to the gathering, the President said he had been told of the problems that were being faced in Matabeleland North province, challenges such as access to water and electricity.

He said the central Government was going to step in to ameliorate the situation especially among the urban lot who have for decades been given a raw deal by successive MDC-led councils.

“I have been told about the challenges that you are facing, that you have water challenges, they said the local authority took water from Zinwa and yet they have no capacity to deliver. Central Government is going to take over the water supply. They also told me that there is power challenges in Hwange but we are going to engage the relevant ministries to solve that issue,” the President said.

To ensure smooth service delivery, the President said it is important that people go out in huge numbers to remove the corruption-riddled MDC councils.

“Next year we will be going for elections, most councils are controlled by the opposition but they are failing to run the councils. The by-elections are your chance to vote for Zanu PF councils which we can work with. Zanu PF is for peace and development, harmony and unity.”

The Second Republic has been implementing far reaching development projects across the country, as President Mnangagwa implements devolution, through development that leaves no one behind.

“We have projects in every province because nyika inovakwa nevene vayo. To build the country we need peace in the country, we don’t want violent demonstrations as is the practice of the opposition. Even though we have sanctions we are developing our country,” he said.

Dams have been built in every province, stalled projects have been revived and completed and roads have been rehabilitated under the leadership of President Mnangagwa.

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