Let’s unite, rebuild our country: VP Chiwenga

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Let’s unite, rebuild our country: VP Chiwenga VP Chiwenga

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VICE President Constantino Chiwenga has urged the nation to move beyond political contestations that characterised the election season and unite towards rebuilding the economy and improving people’s lives.

Addressing guests who attended the Joshua Nkomo Legacy Foundation launch at the Zimbabwe International Exhibition Centre in Bulawayo on Thursday last week, VP Chiwenga said the country was at the dawn of a new era, which required collectivism.

“The election season has come and it is now behind us,” he said.

“It is time to heal the electoral wounds and seek a true binding of hearts aimed towards the common goal of a better country, greater service delivery, uplifting people, social harmony and national peace.”

VP Chiwenga’s remarks came as other political parties have accepted the electoral outcome, except for the MDC-Alliance led by Mr Nelson Chamisa.

He said the late VP Nkomo should be proud of the direction that the country has taken since last November when ex-president Mr Robert Mugabe resigned.

On Friday, VP Chiwenga toured the Joshua Nkomo Museum in Matsheumhlope suburb in Bulawayo and said it told Dr Nkomo’s life story in full.

“We are beginning to understand lessons that were never understood that he was for unity, he loved his country, he wanted peace and he could tolerate anything,” he said.

“Tolerance was one of his biggest virtues. So, today we say people of Zimbabwe must learn from our iconic leader, our Father Zimbabwe, that unity, love, peace and tolerance will build this country to the greatest heights.”

VP Chiwenga said Zimbabweans all over the country should understand that they were one people.

Mr Sibangilizwe Nkomo, son to the late VP Nkomo, expressed gratitude to VP Chiwenga for honouring his father.

“When we approached his office in April, we were just looking at small things such as memorial lecture, dinner dance and a soccer challenge, but it seems to be a bigger thing coming from the Government which shows that they have appreciated our initiatives and concerns in as far as umdala’s legacy is concerned,” said Mr Nkomo.

He said the Joshua Nkomo Legacy Foundation had merged the Joshua Nkomo Cultural Movement and the Joshua Nkomo National Foundation.

Mr Nkomo said it was the family’s hope that Government will revive Father Zimbabwe’s projects that had been abandoned by the previous administration.

“We are still looking into the opening of Ekusileni Hospital, the canned foods and canned juices,” he said.

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