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are two things involved, it’s either you will be caught by the police for reckless driving or you will be involved in a nasty car accident. If you are caught by the police you are safe.

If you are involved in a nasty car accident there are two things involved, it’s either you will sustain some injuries or you will die. If you sustain injuries you are safe.

If you die . . . well we all know what happens when we die, so I will not go further on that sad trip which Nigerian comedian “Basketmouth” has successfully managed to draw some humour from.

My subject, however, is very serious. My companions at Mimosa Mining Campaign, Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Republic Police traffic section, Buy Zimbabwe and I seriously want the statistics to read ZERO at the end of all our holidays. This is not impossible. It really just boils down to our actions on the road.

As I was preparing my notes for this particular contribution a little bird whispered to me that as of yesterday 70 deaths and 579 accidents were recorded on our country’s roads. There are fears that this year’s death toll might actually surpass last year’s figures where 98 people died and 1 090 were injured on the roads.

Mrs Christina Masawi is reported (The Sunday Mail, December 23-29, 2012) to have warned her husband to reduce his speed before the horrific accident that cost his and the couple’s son lives during the 2011 festive season.

Mrs Masawi is brave to have shared her story with the rest of Zimbabwe and the primary reason she has done so is not for publicity but is her contribution to making sure that the double tragedy that struck her family does not strike another. As such, I encourage Zimbabwe to listen to her story.

My heart bleeds for Pastor Nkululeko Moyo’s family following his recent death in a road accident. The Zvishavane Methodist pastor lost his life following an accident that is suspected to have been the result of a faulty vehicle.

In October 2012, Mimosa Mining Company launched the Let’s Go Zero Campaign in partnership with a number of critical stakeholders. One of the key targets of the Let’s Go Zero Campaign was to encourage ZERO CARNAGE ON THE ROADS.

I recall Guest of Honour Dr Obert Mpofu, the Minister of Mines and Mining Development, say in a speech read on his behalf that Mimosa should be commended for its efforts to promote sound safety standards.

As much as this referred to the working environment, what really appeals me to Mimosa is how they have taken their experience in their work environment and embedded it in the community encouraging us to be safe not only when we work but when we play, travel and indeed when we travel. Now, that is what I call a fight. Mimosa is taking the full bout.

While there is danger everywhere around us during the festive season particularly due to the over excitement of having a little extra “moola to blow” (money to spend), this danger can be handled if we ask ourselves a number of critical questions.

“Why do we drink and drive?” “Why do we text and drive?” “Why do we ignore safety checks on our vehicles?” “Why do we drive unworthy vehicles?” “Why do we speed?” Honestly, what is all worth at the end of the day to lose a precious life just because someone failed to make the right decision before getting on the road or while they are driving?

My warning to reckless drivers is that the police shall be on your case 24 hours a day. ZRP should be applauded for setting up the 24-hour road blocks to protect travellers.

You know what is sad about being on the road is that even if you are on  the right you are still pretty much a victim.

If we look at Mrs Masawi’s story closely we find that even though her husband thought he was in control the bright red Toyota Hilux pulled a surprise on him and he lost control of the very vehicle he thought he was in control of.

Danger happens to everyday people and I believe when we use every day examples then maybe we can get to a solution.

I am always encouraging my fiancée not to use the phone when driving and I have begun to realise that my message is getting an audience. I therefore encourage each and everyone who is reading this article to encourage friends and family to be safe on the road.

If you know someone who might not be reading this article who might need to encourage another to be safe on the roads then please share the article.

Let us create a social network that encourages drivers to be safe on the roads this festive season.
Speaking of which if you support safety on the roads like the Let’s Go Zero Facebook profile opened by the My Own Boss contestants during the My Own Boss television reality show.

There are several ones but look out for the one with the Mimosa logo. I just realise that the page currently has only four likes and I encourage everyone to focus on targeting at least 2 000 likes by January 1 2013. I have just sent my like making me number five.
We are good for that Zimbabwe so let us get liking.
I sign off by saying let’s be safe on our roads this festive season.

The holidays are quite long but let’s be patient with each other as we all need to come back next year and continue rebuilding our beautiful country.
Love you all Zimbabwe. Merry Christmas.

Robert Garai Muganda is the General Manager Media and Communications at Buy Zimbabwe. Contact him on: Mobile:  0772714233 Email: [email protected] Facebook: buy Zimbabwe campaign Website: ww.buyzimbabwe.org.zw

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