Let’s create alternatives: Russian envoy Ambassador Nikolai Vladimirovich Krasilnikov

Gibson Nyikadzino Herald Correspondent

GLOBAL South countries should make use of the unfolding multipolar world ushered by the BRICS coalition to create development alternatives that bypass the West’s Bretton Woods financial architecture, Russia’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Nikolai Krasilnikov, said yesterday.

In an exclusive interview, Ambassador Krasilnikov reiterated that Zimbabwe and Russia should continue “supporting each other” despite the existing economic pressures and financial warfare strategies against the two countries by the West.

Russia is the world’s most economically sanctioned country, with over 13 000 punitive measures targeting its economy and population while Zimbabwe was last week slapped with a new economic sanctions regime under the Global Magnitsky Act by the United States. While acknowledging that “sanctions can be upsetting”, the Russian envoy called on Zimbabweans to stop whimpering and think innovatively on how to transform the economy by using alternative means.

“Zimbabwe and Russia must continue supporting each other. We should make use of the unfolding multipolar world to avoid the Western financial architecture. The BRICS group of countries is now discussing the bloc’s currency and this is key also for Zimbabwe to make use of.

“The New Development Bank by BRICS is expanding that initiative and Zimbabwe expressed interest to join the bank. We should not cry about sanctions though they are upsetting. They affect the ordinary people and the economy, but we should emerge stronger,” said Ambassador Krasilnikov.

He said the Zimbabwe-Russia bilateral relations should anchor the foundation of resisting Western economic pressures by encouraging businesses from both countries to enhance commercial engagements to boost trade.

On Russia’s recent wheat and fertiliser deliveries to Zimbabwe, Ambassador Krasilnikov clarified that the consignments should not be treated as humanitarian aid or relief.

“Our companies should trade with each other. Zimbabwe should benefit from Russia commercially and the same with Russia, on a mutual basis. So our governments are pushing companies to exploit commercial opportunities set by our excellent bilateral relations. Russia has surplus wheat and fertiliser. It is good for companies to commercially gain from this,” Ambassador Krasilnikov added.

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