Let our votes speak at Kora

Let our votes speak at Kora Pah Chihera
Pah Chihera

Pah Chihera

R Kay The Big Stage
I asked Pah Chihera and Hope Masike how they found themselves nominated for the Kora Awards during my radio arts programme “The Big Stage” and they both said they didn’t know.

It means if you are doing something and you are doing it well consistently, it will fall upon the ears on those who can propel your product to a greater level.

Nomination for the Koras is a big achievement as this classifies you with the best in Africa. We are living in a global village and such recognition goes a long way in demonstrating our significance and uniqueness as Zimbabweans. Well done ladies.

Hope Masike

Hope Masike

I want you to win and I pray that everyone proudly Zimbabwean will find this as our success story.

“The Big Stage” takes pride is supporting and celebrating our Zimbabwean stars who are doing it on the world stage.

The fact that I would like to bring to our attention today is that we have amazing talent in Zimbabwe and it is upon us to rally behind it, talk about it and share it. So, let the action begin.

Music is one of most powerful influences on humanity that has affected many choices.

Tourism has increased significantly in a number of countries due to the influence and recognition of their artistes and the sound of their music.

If our ladies win at the Koras it has a big impact on our nation and can possibly shift a lot of mindsets around the world in terms of appreciation and respect.

The nomination of Hope and Pah Chihera will go a long way in promoting brand Zimbabwe. I believe authorities must come to the party and seize this grand opportunity to make it a part of the strategy to promote brand Zimbabwe.

In these programmes, one fact that we need to realise is that many times Zimbabweans don’t make it to the finals due to lack of support at an individual level and at Government level.

Already in terms of population we are in the low end. We are competing with countries that have big populations which means if we are to claim our place then the voting spirit must rise. At the end of the day all comes down to the voting process.

It is therefore, almost mandatory for everyone to deliberately vote, vote and vote .

And remember “Ngoma Ngairire Zimbabwe Music Expo 2016” is bringing together the story of the Zimbabwean music industry soon and this gives us an opportunity to know exactly what products we have in Zimbabwe. Music is business and on the agenda in Zimbabwe.

Richard Kohola aka R-Kay is a radio personality, music critic and development expert. — [email protected]

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