Lessons suspended after mass hysteria

Freedom Mupanedemo Midlands Bureau

Lessons were suspended at Mbungu Secondary School in Gokwe South yesterday after nearly all learners were attacked by hysteria.

So severe was the hysteria that some even turned violent and attacked teachers, forcing the authorities to make distress calls from the neighbouring villagers to come and help calm the situation.

Witnesses to the incident said the school was forced to suspend lessons, while some parents hired traditional healers for an exorcism exercise.

“It all started around 10am today (yesterday) when kids were on break time, they started screaming while others threw themselves on the grounds,” said Mr Limon Macheza, a local villager.

Mr Macheza said the teachers who tried to help calm the pupils were overwhelmed as nearly the whole school was affected, while other students were violent.

“It attacked the pupils and this forced the teachers to call parents from homes near the school who then rushed to the school,” he said.

Another witness, Ms Loreen Moyo, said some parents hired some witchdoctors to try and calm the situation, but to no avail.

“The school suspended lessons as parents took their children home, while others consulted some witchdoctors,” she said.

Acting Midlands Provincial Education Director, Mr Jameson Machimbira, confirmed the hysteria attack at the school.

He said the district education Inspector visited the school yesterday with some psychologists to check on the situation and help the students. Mr Machimbira said the situation had returned to normal at the school.

“We hope the lessons will resume smoothly tomorrow (today) as the situation was now very normal,” he said.

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