Legends bask in President’s support

15 Feb, 2019 - 00:02 0 Views

The Herald

Cloud Fusire Sports Reporter
THE Zimbabwe Sporting Legends and Friends Association chairman, Charlie Jones, says having President Mnangagwa as their patron will help boost the development of the sporting industry in the country.

The association wants to host their counterparts from South Africa to officially launch their organisation this year.

Last year, they successfully appealed to President Mnangagwa to be their patron.

“We were pleased President Mnangagwa acknowledged what we want to achieve with his willingness to stand and move forward with us,’’ said Jones.

“We are positive the President’s involvement in our association will help not only in addressing the plight of the football legends of Zimbabwe, but also shows his commitment in the development of our sporting industry.’’

Jones’ association yesterday handed a donation of $365 to ailing football legend George Shaya’s family to assist with his medical bills.

“When we played football, we thought that was the end of everything,’’ said Jones.

“We never thought of the future. That’s the mistake we want to correct and educate the young football generation that they have to plan for their future when they are still playing football.

“We believe that with the President on board and his support, the future of our young generation is brighter,” said Jones.

The association’s publicity officer, Charles Mabika, yesterday called for the football community to remember the role played by legends.

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