Lawyer Hofisi ventures into music

Lawyer Hofisi ventures into music David Hofisi’s album cover
David Hofisi’s album cover

David Hofisi’s album cover

Tawanda marwizi : Arts Correspondent

Harare-based human rights lawyer David Hofisi has released his debut album titled “Supernova”. The album name tells a lot about human struggle and victory and clearly shows the lawyer’s creativity with both the microphone and guitar. “This is an album about human struggle and the triumph of the human spirit. The title of the album is taken from astro – physics where a dying star is referred to as Supernova.“They say a star is at its brightest at its moment of death and I have taken that in the reverse, as in our most intense pain is when the storm is about to subside,” he explained.

Hofisi started his career in 2008 when he bought a guitar.

“I’m just a young man who decided to pick up a guitar and pursue his dreams. I can say I ventured into music when I bought my first guitar around 2008. But I had meant to record an album for a long time before that.

“What inhibited me was the price of buying a guitar so I was a big fan of music just waiting for an opportunity. When I had enough money I bought my acoustic classic and that was, more or less, my entry into music and I think it shows anyone can accomplish goals they set for themselves,” he said.

Songs on the album include “Sarawoga”, “In This Time It Will Last”, “Anotonga”, “Esmeralda”, “Rasa Musango”, “Stop the Bullying” and “602 Jive”.

A passionate lawyer who has helped underprivileged school children access their examination results withheld by schools, Hofisi ruled out the possibility of trading his career with a microphone saying he has passion for both.

“I do not see myself trading professions as both music and human rights are passions of mine. We will see how it goes,” he said.

He is working on videos that will be released soon.

“Videos are a great way to give life to a song and we are working very hard on that front. One is at the final editing stage and we are working on two more,” he said.

The album was recorded at Monolio Studios by Clive Mono Mukundu.

“I was very excited to work with him because I love the work he has done with various artists, particularly during his time at the Black Spirits.

He is a very experienced producer with a keen eye for music,” he added.

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