LATEST: Roadblocks to stay

LATEST: Roadblocks to stay

road blockHerald Reporter
Home Affairs Deputy Minister Obedingwa Mguni has said police will maintain road blocks throughout the country to ensure that peace and sanity prevail.

Speaking during a tour of Zimbabwe Republic Police General Headquarters on Monday, Deputy Minister Mguni said road blocks were meant to curb road carnage and the movement of criminals, among other ills.

“In Parliament, I always receive questions about the police,” he said.

“Questions like the population of Zimbabwe versus the number of police officers. Why are we having 50 000 police officers, is that the correct balance with the total population of Zimbabwe versus 50 000 police officers we have?

“Why are the police not having name tags when they are executing their duties? They are also concerned why there are so many roadblocks on the roads. I think that one I managed to answer.

“I think those roadblocks should be there. That is why Zimbabwe is so peaceful. Because you can’t go through all those roadblocks even if you are carrying firearms or drugs, police will get you.”

More to follow . . .

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