LATEST: Journalists urged to report constructively

LATEST: Journalists urged to report constructively

John Manzongo in BEIJING, China
Journalists have been urged to report constructively so as to minimise global conflicts.

Addressing 36 African journalists attending a seminar here yesterday, China International Publishing Group Deputy Director Mr Li Hengtian said the media must strive to unite people than dividing them.

“Media must promote social growth among people through positive news articles.

“China and African countries continue to receive negative media coverage by the western countries and there is serious need for our countries to bridge alliances that will seal this gap,” said Mr Li.

” Western powers still dominate and continue to misrepresent facts about us. Most of our people now also tend to rely on the western media content about themselves,” he said.

“The exchanges we are doing are important steps of ensuring that whatever the world hears is a true reflection of what will be happening in our countries,” he said.

Mr Li said China’s cooperation with African countries was based on sincere win win partnerships as opposed to exploitation.

“China will continue in its quest for peaceful development of Africa since Africa is a strategic partner of China.

“It was Africa that gave China a chance to get a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council and we so much value that support,” he said.

The seminar is being attended by journalists from 10 African countries.

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