LATEST: Inadequate funding paralyses Zimsec

primaryschools1Peter Matambanadzo Senior Reporter
The Zimbabwe Schools Examination Council has failed to print Grade Seven certificates for the past four years because it has not received the US$3,15 million owed by Government which has caused inefficiencies in the examination processing system.The revelation followed reports that pupils who sat for their Grade Seven examinations in 2009 were yet to receive their certificates.

Zimsec acting spokesperson Ms Tryfine Dzvukutu today said they were being inadequately funded.

“Zimsec has to take money from other budget lines to finance Grade Seven expenditure,” she said. “Unfortunately, the non-release of the promised funds have caused inefficiencies in the examination processing cycle.”

Ms Dzvukutu said Government was responsible for paying for the development, distribution, administration, collection and processing of scripts for the examinations.

She said the inadequate funding affected major projects like the building of a printing press in Norton and the efficiency of Zimsec operations.

“Payments of creditors have had to be very carefully managed,” she said. “It would have been grossly irresponsible of Zimsec to concentrate on the production of Grade Seven certificates at the expense of “O” and “A” Level examinations.

“The candidates for the latter examinations pay their way and it is only fair that their examination process be as fluent as possible.”

Parents have expressed outrage at the council, accusing it of inefficiency.

“If it is a question of cash resources for a printing paper then they should ask for an examination fee,” said one parent. “As parents, we certainly demand an explanation from this inefficient organisation.”

Another disgruntled parent said: “For the past four years, our children have visited their respective schools for their certificates which Zimsec has failed to produce.

“A Grade Seven certificate is a document which children also cherish and appreciate to have in their primary school years.”

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