LATEST: Ex-Minister Goche sued

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LATEST: Ex-Minister Goche sued Cde Nicholas Goche

The Herald

Prosper Dembedza Court Reporter
Former Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development Mr Nicholas Goche is being sued by his ex-wife who is demanding $9000 towards the upkeep of their child.

In her application filed at the Harare Civil Court today, Laura Melisa Ebineng claimed Mr Goche was neglecting his child.

“The respondent was my husband at the time I conceived the minor child and as such he is the father of the minor child. I am the one having custody of the minor child and as such I am authorised  to make this application,” reads part of Ebineng’s application.

Ebineng claimed Mr Goche as the father of the child, was legally liable for maintenance.

“The respondent used to give me $350 for rentals and gave me a flat where I collected rentals as his contributions towards the upkeep of the minor child.
“However, he became inconsistent and subsequently stopped to give me the money for rentals and I was forced to move in to the flat. As such I no longer have any other contribution from him towards the upkeep of the minor child,” reads the application.

Details to follow….

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