UPDATED: Five up for $37k armed robbery

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UPDATED: Five up for $37k armed robbery Foreign currency

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Tendai Rupapa Senior Court Reporter
Five armed robbers allegedly pounced on a couple in Glen Norah C, Harare during the night and went away with $37 000 cash and mobile phones after torturing the couple with a hot iron.

Mikia Pirikisi (31), Tariro Mutsamanye (27), Daniel Munyanyi (40), Gilbert Tavagadza (47) and Leonard Huni (34), allegedly threatened to shoot the couple when they refused to disclose where they kept their money.

The gang used a hot iron to ‘iron’ the couple’s bodies and they gave in to the torture and disclosed where they kept some of the money.

The suspected robbers appeared in court yesterday before Ms Vicky Mashamba facing charges of armed robbery and unlawful possession of a firearm.

They were remanded in custody to January 29 with instructions to apply for bail at the High Court.

Prosecuting, Mr Sebastian Mutizirwa alleged that on January 3, the gang went to the couple’s house and scaled over the precast wall.

They allegedly used a crowbar to break the kitchen door and entered the house.

They proceeded to the couple’s bedroom and found the couple sleeping.

It is the State’s case that one of the gang members drew a pistol and threatened to shoot the couple if they failed to comply with their demands.

The gang assaulted the couple with an iron bar all over their bodies while demanding cash, the court heard.

They went on to plug in an iron before using it as a weapon to unleash terror on the couple. As a result, the complainants succumbed to the torture and disclosed to the gang where they had hid $5 300.

However, the accused persons were not satisfied with the loot and they ransacked the house and further stole another $32 000, the State alleged.


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