LATEST: Butterphly for Big Brother Africa

LATEST: Butterphly for Big Brother Africa Tariro Mharapara
Tariro Mharapara

Tariro Mharapara

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Lifestyle Reporter
Radio and television presenter Butterphly, real name Tariro Mharapara, will represent Zimbabwe in Big Brother Africa – Hotshots that is scheduled to start next month in South Africa.

The 24 year old listed her favourite foods as meat, pasta with cheese, black-eyed peas and eggs. Her favourite books include the Bible, The Firm, The Long Goodbye, and the Sherlock Holmes series.

She likes to watch Chopped, 24, Intelligence and Big Brother Africa. Butterphly said she entered Big Brother Hotshots because she had always wanted to be part of a national sports team, but never got the chance.

“Being on Big Brother Africa will allow me to take the opportunity to market myself and expand my brand”.

She says she won’t use ‘backstabbing and cheating’ or immoral and unethical methods to get the prize.
The vibrant DJ described herself as “unique, feisty, mysterious, fun-loving and witty”.

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