Latest: Brig General Hashim Mbita dies

mbitaDAR ES SALAAM – Brigadier Gen Hashim Mbita, who once served as Executive Secretary of the Liberation Committee of the African National Unity (OAU) died yesterday at the Lugalo Military Hospital in Kinondoni Municipality in Dar es Salaam.A statement from The Directorate of Presidential Communications circulated to the media said the government received news of his death with great grief and sadness.

“There are very few people that have served the country the way Mzee Mbita has served this nation,” President Jakaya Kikwete said in the statement citing his service as Press Secretary to the President and as Tanzania High Commissioner to Zimbabwe.

The president also commended Brigadier Gen Mbita ‘s service at TANU where he served as Executive Secretary and in the TPDF at which service he ascended to the rank of Brigadier General.

The President also noted Brigadier Gen Mbita’s service as Executive Secretary for the Liberation Committee of the Organisation of African Union (OAU).

“In which capacity he led liberation efforts of our brethren in the Southern African countries for 20 years until they all achieved their independence,’ the President said.

President Kikwete took the time to note that in the liberation efforts, there is not a freedom fighter in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Angola and South Africa who did not know the contribution made by Mbita.

“His last act of service was leading the Hashim Mbita Project to Honour Outstanding Leaders, a job that he did with great professionalism and effectiveness,” President Kikwete acknowledged citing that the subsequent report was launched last year at the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe during the Southern Africa Development Community  (SADC) meeting.

It was at that meeting that Mbita was awarded The Royal Order Munhumutapa award by Zimbabwe for his contribution toward the liberalisation of the country.

Mbita became the sixth persons to receive the prestigious award given by Zimbabwe to foreign persons who have contributed to Zimbabwe’s independence.

“Already I have directed the government and Tanzania Peoples Defence Forces (TPDF) to collaborate with the family of Mzee Mbita for burial arrangements,” the President said.

Our condolence goes to the family and the whole nation mourns with them. May God rest in peace the soul of Mzee Hashim Mbita, Amen, prayed the President. – The Guardian/

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