Ladies fall in love with jeggings

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Ladies fall in love with jeggings Beyonce Knowles in a pair of jeggings

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Beyonce Knowles in a pair of jeggings

Beyonce Knowles in a pair of jeggings

Sophie Chese-Msowa Lifestyle Correspondent
You are late for work, church, party you name it and there is no time to iron that beautiful dress, trousers or a pair of jeans and there are the jeggings.
Whether ironed or not they just look good.

A new fashion trendy has entered. Walk down the streets of Harare and you will definitely see women putting on jeggings.
Some put them in formal while others put them in a casual way and both styles just look good.

What is interesting is that jeggings are proving to be good to both slanders and plus-size women.
An interview carried out by this publication proved that the jeggings have many advantages compared to other clothes.
“Jeggings are very cheap compared to jeans, so as someone who prefers trousers to dresses or skirts I used to buy jeans but when the jeggings came I quickly changed style because they are cheaper,” said one Grace Chiteka.

Some said they prefer jeggings since they are light compared to jeans.
“The material that is used on jeggings is light, which means they are suitable for any weather pattern, when it’s cold or hot or when you do not feel like putting on mini skirt or those heavy clothes,“So yes jeggings are the in thing,” said Molly Mhembere.

Some said due to the texture of jeggings they can stretch meaning to say one size may fit a different people hence an advantage to those that sometimes share clothes.“With my siblings we share clothes, but we had difficulties with jeans since we all have different sizes and shapes and the jeans take shape of the one who put it on first.

“Thus the difference with jeggings, I am a size 32 and my sister is a size 28 but we can put on the same jegging without anyone noticing,” said Vimbai Murenje.

Others said jeggings come in any design meaning to say there is a variety that one can choose from.
“Jeggings come in different designs compared to jeans and this means that I have a variety to choose from, some look like jeans and others are floral so anyone can find something that suits their style.

Maybe some might not know this jegging which has become the talk of the town; these are leggings that are made to look like skin-tight denim jeans.
Jeggings is a registered brand name owned by Turkish textile company ISKO (clothing company), a division of Sanko Holding, who were the original producers of the stretch textile.

They were brought on by the resurgence in style of skinny jeans in the mid- to late-2000s that is more than a decade ago, when a higher demand for an even tighter style of pants came about.

Since jeggings are typically made of a cotton/spandex blend, cotton being the primary fibre in most denim, a kind of serge, they are often worn on their own as opposed to under a skirt or dress.

Some jeggings have front fastening facilities while others just have an elastic waistband and no pockets.
Jeggings, the love child of jeans and leggings, are a huge point of contention in the fashion world. Some people think they are the best thing to happen to denim since the advent of the dark wash boot cut. Others find them more offensive than mom jeans, acid wash skinny jeans, and men’s jean shorts combined.

Most women described jeggings as so comfortable compared to jeans
“There are many reasons why I now prefer jeggings to jeans, the chief reason being that jeggings are too comfortable for instance when it comes to tucking your jeans into boots, jeggings work so much better than regular jeans,” said Tariro Takaendesa from Glen Norah.
“You can sit whatever way you feel like with a jegging for example they let you sit cross-legged on your chair at work,” one woman said.

Some even said their tight fit balances out tunics and flowy tops.
Some described jeggings as too fashionable saying they are chic especially if they are paired with heels, a sparkly top, and a blazer for a night out.

“They make fat jeans obsolete. Seriously. Gain five pounds. Gain 20 pounds. Whatever, your jeggings will still fit,” said Paidamoyo of Malbereign.
It is still to be seen if the jeggings will be able to remain the favourite for many ladies for a long time since fashion is ever-dynamic.

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