La Liga boss tips Zim players for Spanish top-flight Spanish La Liga’s Southern Africa representative Suay Enrique

Tadious Manyepo-Sports Reporter

SPANISH La Liga’s Southern Africa representative Suay Enrique says more Zimbabwean players can potentially make it in one of the best leagues in the world. 

Warriors forward Tino Kadewere is the only Zimbabwean, who has featured in La Liga albeit slightly, thanks to injuries, when he was loaned at RDC Mallorca by his French Ligue 1 team Olympique Lyon last season. 

Despite being limited to fringe roles, Kadewere did make an impact, which Enrique could not ignore. 

He said Zimbabwe has talented players who can emulate or surpass Kadewere and make it big in the Spanish top-flight. 

The Spanish La Liga is keenly interested in spreading their gospel across the world not least across Africa, a continent where their national side won their first World Cup in South Africa in 2010. He was speaking to Zimpapers Sports on the sidelines of the African MVP nominations held online recently.

“As La Liga, we believe that Tino (Kadewere) has shown all of us that Zimbabwean players can make it in the Spanish La Liga,” said Enrique. 

“Sometimes, you need a first player to lead the way so others can follow in their footsteps. Hopefully, Tino Kadewere has shown to all his colleagues that it is reachable and we can see more joining our competition.” 

He said more La Liga teams are opening their eyes, scanning for talent across Southern Africa and more Zimbabwean players could as well fancy their chances. 

“In La Liga, we are very excited to welcome more players from Southern Africa and Zimbabwe,” said Enrique. 

“We do not doubt that there is vast talent in the country as displayed already by Tino Kadewere.” 

He said the Real Betis Academy in Zimbabwe established three years ago, can work as the conveyor belt for talented Zimbabwean players to La Liga. 

“More players from Zimbabwe should be on their way to the Spanish La Liga, even more considering the Real Betis Academy present in Harare, which should ideally also create a path for local players to get a chance in Spain.” 

The football kindergarten was started by the celebrated Zimbabwe national rugby side, the Sables legend Gerald Sibanda. 

The latter, who has also shaped many careers through his Athletes Sphere Management agency shares the same thoughts. 

“I do believe what Enrique is saying holds a lot of water. That is the reason why we even started Real Betis Academy in the first place,” said Sibanda. 

“There is talent in Zimbabwe which can be groomed to outstanding standards. We should be seeing loads of Zimbabwean players making it in La Liga in the not-so-distant future.”

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