KZN’s Team Ntencane stuns with Beyoncé’s ‘Love On Top’ Team KZN

Eastern Cape’s Team Lady Du exits in an intense vocal showdown as the competition heats up

The stage was on fire on Mzansi Magic’s Clash of the Choirs SA as KZN’s Team Ntencane dominated with a killer performance of Beyoncé’s ‘‘Love On Top’’. This week’s challenge, a vocal showdown, left the audience and judges on their feet, marking another momentous win for Team KZN in a competition that has now narrowed down to three choirs performing next Sunday.

 Dr Tumi, moved by their performance, said, “That was first-class stuff. If this was the last day you would have walked away with the title. That was absolutely amazing.” Zwai Bala praised their arrangement, suggesting it should be used as a teaching example, while an emotional Buhlebendalo added, “Before you started I said I hope you un-Beyoncé this song. It was just perfect.”

Meanwhile, Eastern Cape’s Team Lady Du had to bid farewell to the competition, marking an end to their amazing run on the show. 

The intensity of the competition was clear as the choirs battled for a spot in the grand finale.

Limpopo’s Team HLE opened the show with a rendition of Jill Scott’s Golden. 

Despite an absent team lead, they managed to impress Dr Tumi, who found parts of the performance messy but overall loved it. Buhlebendalo felt the performance lacked life, and Zwai noted issues with the unison parts.

Mpumalanga’s Team Khanyisa, last week’s winners, performed Lloyiso’s Dream About You, securing the second-highest score for this week. Dr Tumi praised their believability, Zwai compared their performance to a scene from The Lion King, and Buhlebendalo felt that they truly sounded like a choir for the first time.

Eastern Cape’s Team Lady Du’s rendition of Kelly Khumalo’s Empini received mixed feedback. Dr Tumi wasn’t moved, Zwai noted a messy start that came to life towards the end, and Buhlebendalo advised on maintaining harmony between choreography and singing.

As Clash of the Choirs SA heats up, suspense builds. Who will be the next to leave, and who will inch closer to the grand R1 million prize?

 Join us on Mzansi Magic, Channel 161, for this exciting musical journey and find out who will survive the next round of this gruelling choral competition.

Clash of the Choirs SA airs every Sunday at 18:00 on Mzansi Magic (DStv Channel 161), with episodes also available on DStv Stream.

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