Kwekwe Govt offices moved Midlands Provincial Affairs and Devolution Minister Owen Ncube, attended the memorial and expressed grief over the incident, which had robbed families of bread winners.

Freedom Mupanedemo-Midlands Bureau

Illegal gold miners have forced a Kwekwe office complex housing critical Government departments to be  decommissioned for fear of collapse after their mining activities beneath it posed danger.

The affected offices include those of the District Development Coordinator, the Civil Registry, the District Development Fund and the civil courts.

Midlands Provincial Affairs and Devolution Minister Owen Ncube said the affected departments should look for an alternative place as Government looks for a long term solution. 

Minister Ncube was addressing the district heads at a meeting held at his offices on Tuesday.

“We received a report that the buildings should be decommissioned, hence we should vacate with immediate effect. Affected departments should find an alternative accommodation before the rainy season commences,” he said.

Kwekwe District Development Coordinator Mr Fortune Mupungu said the decision to decommission the complex was reached after a recent study by the Zimbabwe National Geo Special and Space Agency (ZINGSA) revealed that most building foundations had been eaten away.

“Our offices in Kwekwe are literally sitting on air,” he said. 

“We should vacate the premises. However, the ZINGSA report was submitted to our superiors in Harare and we are expecting to receive a response any time. We have to find alternative accommodation for our officers since this is an emergency.”

In March this year, a classroom at Globe and Phoenix Primary School collapsed with learners inside after its walls caved in owing to illegal gold panning activities underground. 

The school has since been decommissioned and Government has to build a new one.

Learners are using tents as classrooms.

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