Korfball AGM on today

09 Nov, 2019 - 00:11 0 Views

The Herald

Takudzwa chitsiga Sports Reporter
THE Zimbabwe Korfball Federation will hold their annual meeting at Queen Elizabeth School this morning.
The association will meet with their stakeholders as they plan to spread their wings to all the provinces and form structures.
Tarirai Chadhebha, the association president, said they will hold the indaba to update stakeholders on the journey they have travelled so far.
“We are going to hold our first open discussion at Queen Elizabeth where we have invited several stakeholders like NAPH and NASH as we seek to spread our wings to all the provinces.
“We do not have meaningful structures in most provinces so we will meet and discuss the way forward.
‘‘The meeting will also help us come up with a strategic plan that will be effective and compliant.
“As an association, we have been having challenges and do not have full-time employees, so we need to deal with some of those issues during the discussions,” said Chidhebha. The team, which failed to send a team to the World Cup in South Africa earlier this year, do not want a repeat of that scenario in the future.
“We got an invitation for next year’s junior World Cup and we need to plan in advance.
“Our junior national team have been invited for the Word Cup which will be held in Taipei from July 11-19, 2020, and we don’t want to miss out again,” said Chidhebha.

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